10 B2B Sales Lead Generation Methods for Business

Sales Lead generation is crucial for any modern B2B business to grow. As technology is changing, methods of B2B Sales Lead Generation are also changing. Due to the high popularity of social media platforms and e-commerce trends, businesses are finding new prospects on the internet using online marketing techniques.

here are 10 proven methods of B2B Sales Lead generation in this article, By using these 10 proven B2B sales lead generation methods, you can capture more sales leads for your company to convert into a new business, meaning greater sales revenue and profits for your company.

  1. Use Internet marketing and search engine optimization SEO for your website

Business buyers are more complex and getting harder to reach than before. Research shows that about 90% of business buyers start with research on the Internet. Therefore, it’s important to have a well-tuned sales lead generation plan that includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) /online marketing strategies to bring new prospects for the business.

Everyone is using Google to find businesses. If your company isn’t showing up in an online look for engine outcomes, you’re losing business. Don’t just trust me, see what the research says:

  • Worldwide, we conduct 131 billion dollars in searches per month on the web. (Via Comscore)
  • 70% of the links look for customer’s mouse clicks are natural, not compensated. (Via Marketing Sherpa)
  • 60% of all-natural mouse clicks go to the top three search results. (Via Marketing Sherpa)
  • 75% of customers have never searched past the first page of search results. (Via MarketShareHitsLink.com)
  • 70-80% of customers ignore compensated look for ads, focusing on the natural search results. (Via Search Engine Land)
  • Search is the #1 driver of visitors to content sites, beating social networking by more than 300% (Via Outbrain)

if you don’t know about SEO and keywords, you can hire an SEO expert (Rohit Sharma) to help you with your marketing plans.

2) Content Writing and Marketing – Build & maintain a regularly updated company blog

According to a Hubspot benchmark study, there is a high correlation between blogging frequency and traffic. If you blog more, you can get more traffic. Introduce your services and products to new visitors on the website, SEO services and relevant keywords play significant roles while promoting your website. You can become a thought leader using SEO keywords around your area of expertise.

Apart from this, there are lots of reasons to blog

B2B organizations with weblogs produce 67% more brings monthly on regular than non-blogging companies. (Via Social Press B2B)
Blogs give sites 434% more listed Web Pages and 97% more listed hyperlinks. (Via Hubspot)
Blogs are 63% more likely to impact purchase choices than publications. (Via ContentPlus)
Companies that weblog 15 or more periods monthly get 5x more visitors than organizations that don’t weblog. (Via Hubspot)
Companies that increase writing a blog for 3-5 periods monthly to 6-8 periods monthly almost dual their leads. (Via Hubspot)
A regular organization will see a 45% development in visitors when improving complete weblog content from 11-20 to 21-50 content. (Via Hubspot)

3) Make a web form to ask customer details, in exchange for accessibility top quality content

The easiest way to increase the number of brings your website provides, supposing it already gets some traffic, is to put up a web page advertising a part of top quality content. When your customer fills up in the type, you give them the link to accessibility or obtain your top quality material. If you don’t have a chance to develop online seminars, eBooks, or other material, then perhaps you can re-purpose material you already have. For example, you can take a customer PowerPoint demonstration and turn that into a part of content your leads would find useful.

4) Create and distribute infographics

Infographics are extremely easy to use up, and frequently go popular online, getting shared between many individuals, greatly raising your brand awareness.

Publishers who use infographics grow visitors an average of 12% more each year than those that don’t. (Via AnsonAlex)
The Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than written text. (Via Zabisco)
40% of individuals will respond better to visual information than plain written text. (Via Zabisco)

5) Start a pay per click campaign –

LinkedIn has been a marketing route often ignored by companies. They may have the information, take part in categories, and have personal information installation for their employees, which is outstanding, but they never think to research with compensated LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn provides your company to be able to focus on ads particular people at particular organizations, or in particular areas. For example, if you desired to focus on your ads at entrepreneurs in the UK, in the drug market, you could do that. Furthermore, if you wanted your ad to be seen by every single worker at Coca-Cola, you could do that. An outstanding way to use LinkedIn ads is to advertise your squeeze Web Pages that provide free material. By developing focused ads around the pain factors your material resolves, you can produce many leads with compensated LinkedIn ads, cost successfully.

Google Adwords is also great platform to promote your products and services using paid ads. You can find good keywords related to your business and place the bid. pricing of per click on a keyword depends on many factors such as competition, search per month, and trends, etc. you can set your monthly budget from $99/month or $1000/month as per your need and can generate lots of leads.

Apart from this, Facebook PPC ads, Twitter PPC ads, and Youtube PPC Ads can be also a great alternative platform for your business.

6) Direct Email Marketing Campaign

in this method, Sales executives send emails to prospects with an introduction to their services and products to help them with the prospect’s problem. If Prospect has the requirement, they reply to the email for asking the details, You introduce more and convert that leads into sales. , sometimes customers can not reply today but they would ask you tomorrow when they will have more requirements. This technique is very useful for leads generation for any b2b startup. Your campaign’s success results in new email leads. Conversion is about 2 to 5% depending on your industry and many other factors. It is an effective lead generation technique to nurture your potential customers into new and repeat customers through a simple method of email marketing, but most business professionals do not know how to use this lead generation method effectively and efficiently.

The best place to start by determining who their best clients are, then trying to target companies and individuals who are similar.

Purchased lists can also help you in Lead Nurturing. Lead nurturing is the process of qualifying and warming up a lead to the point where they are ready to choose your product for a current need. This method is alike direct email marketing, but here, you have purchased the list of the prospects with the email addresses or maybe their phone numbers. You send them the email, and they show interest. This method is very helpful for finding new and repeat clients for your company.

7 ) Telecalling/ Cold Calling

Telemarketing is a marketing and sales lead generation technique that offers cost-effective leads for your business. Telemarketing is an efficient alternative to field selling, but it can be significantly more expensive than direct mail email. In this method, You build your list of targets who can be interested in your service. You warm them up with phone calls and work them to the point where they ready to buy your product and services. It is the secondary stage, and you should wait and try hard for the pipeline to develop. It is very effective for sales to lead generation when executed correctly. If you consistently nurture leads via phone, you will consistently generate qualified sales.
8) Event Marketing

Meetings, meetups, seminars, workshops, and networking events are a great way to collect leads and sales lead generation too. People who meet you at these events have an interest in your ideas that you are presenting and a need for your product or service. You introduce your business and a little bit about your service. You exchange visiting cards. Then you sent them the email about the company offering and converting the normal talk to the business level.

9) Referral Partner leads

With Referral partners, you can instantly increase your sales lead generation pipeline and make it easier for other companies to engage in doing business with you. Of all the sales lead generation programs, Partner referral programs generate the highest quality B2B sales leads.

In this step, you introduce people about your business and offer them a proposal to be a part of your company to earn more money by selling your services and products. You provide the service they bring you new leads who are interested. Paying a partner, 10-20% of a deal for a right lead always works. Your partner is relying on your brand. You must ensure good sales and services support with high-quality services and products otherwise Referral Partner won’t send you many leads or customers.
10) Video Marketing

Videos are quick, they’re visual, they’re personal, they spread rapidly across multiple platforms and become viral if the content is excellent. Use the short introduction video and explainer videos to explain about your business and services, Keep them short and interesting. Promote them various social media platforms and Video marketing is the most trending lead generation technique nowadays. You can also use video marketing for your business to get more new clients.

So what are you patiently waiting for? Applying 10 B2B Sales Leads Generation Methods for Business will result in your organization growing quicker, producing more leads for less, and becoming more successful.

Rohit Sharma
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