10 low-cost Ways to Promote Your Business Online

  • Do you want to promote your business with a small marketing budget?
  • Do you want to promote your online business?
  • Do you want to increase sales of your online business?


I am sharing 10 low-cost Ways to Promote Your Business online with a low budget.

  1. Post Informative Content On Your Site/Blog – Your site or your blog is the mirror of your company that acts as a base for your advertising efforts. It is the place where people come to know what you actually do and offer, improve relationships and generate leads. Make sure to create & share the contents that aligns reader’s interest and are relevant to them in some or the other way.Content marketing for the website is essential for any business.
  2. Make A Google My Business Account – A Google My Business account is a must if you need your business to get displayed in the local listing. You can create Google Plus profile, Google Plus page for business and submit map listing on Google.Creating Google My Business Account will help you get shown in Google+ and Google Maps as well beside the search engine.
  3. Create A Free Newsletter List- Having an email list for newsletter is crucial for every business owner. In the initial stage, You can try for free email services, and once you think that it works for your business try a good email management service. There are some good email service providers who offer their email services absolutely for free for small business and startups.
  4. Write a Guest Post – If advertising done properly in industry magazine or site can give you hundreds and thousands of dollars very easily. There are many websites and magazines accepting guest contributions and help in promoting your business through your given bio. Guest posting is a perfect way to reach a whole new audience. Remember to add a link in your bio directing to your website.
  5. Participate In Local Networking Events- Look for small business meetings, seminars or conferences in your locality or nearby, or use Meetup.com to know about the local business events. It is very effective for business networking and business marketing.
  6. Comment On Blog Posts – Give your opinions or share your thoughts on blog posts. Let people know that you have some better options or solutions to their problems. Adding up introspective comments on blog posts are an amazing way to get easily noticed by blog owners as well as their visitors.
  7. Organize Webinars On Your Website – Obviously, hosting webinars are a bit costly, but, there are a few companies offering low-cost or free webinar options for small business owners. Webinar or also known as webcast technology is in existence since the 90s and has turned out to be a staple in several business advertising toolkits. Webinars are efficient enough to do lots more for your business.
  8. Join Social Media Communities and Groups – Be an active member of LinkedIn or Facebook groups related to your niche or industry and give helpful information and advice. Actively taking part in the group conversations help businesses to make themselves highlight in the eyes of the prospect customers.
  9. Use SEO Service – As being business owners, it’s recommended to take advantage of SEO to bring your website on the first page of Google. If your site appears on the first page of Google, You will get magnificent organic search traffic on your site. It will help you in creating brand awareness and promoting your business.  SEO is crucial for any business. If you don’t know about SEO, You can hire SEO consultant and digital marketing expert to help you in online marketing. Experienced SEO Freelancer and Consultant can give you lot more exposure on the internet.
  10. Provide Some Free Amazing Information Using Social Media Marketing – Lastly, share out some valuable piece of information for free with your social network fans and followers, and thus become a reliable expert on your industry. Social media marketing helps you to spread the good news about your business, products & services on the Internet.


Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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