10 Tips for Corporate Video Production on Youtube

Whether you are new in your business or have a good setup, the quality of your business video always affects your marketing. Corporate videos are one of the best and most reliable methods of advertising and promoting your business. But creating a video is the most crucial part, as a video can attract as well as mislead the audience. So you have to be careful or you could end up spending fortunes on video production with no effect on business.

10 Tips for Corporate Video Production on Youtube

1. Create a Plan/Script.
Every great movie, video, or building is made on paper first. Create a plan for the production and editing of the video. Emphasize how your product or video can make your customer’s life happier and better. Either hire a scriptwriter or do it yourself to get the best-suited script before you start investing in production.

2. Make your Corporate Video tool of marketing and fun.
A disadvantage of video marketing is that in a large crowd of serious marketing videos that seriously showcase their product. You should make your video funny that almost instantly pick up audience interest and interestingly give your message.

3. Tell an emotional story.
Viewers tend to remember those content more that have some emotional touch in them rather than just plain advertising. Make your video eye-catching and customer engaging by an emotional story.

4. Make Professional Quality Video.
People hate those videos in which they can’t differentiate b/w actors and products due to low quality. You don’t necessarily produce a Hollywood level video but a professionally produced video would do the task.

5. Highlight your Best in your Video.
The first impression is the last and there is no denying this fact. Show your best in your video to make it more impressive and get more audience automatically.

6. Pay attention to Wardrobe.
The wardrobe is another important factor when it comes to corporate videos. Actors in your video should wear neutral colors and attractive clothing so that focus remains on your product and message.

7. Keep your Video Short.
The audience loses focus if your content is too long and may skip the video before an important part appears. Keep your short and meaningful to make it interesting.

8. Focus on Close-ups.
On a small screen, close-up shots are more compelling. So try to focus on close-ups while shooting as well as on your product.

9. Animation and Motion graphics.
Though they are expensive, animation pushes the right buttons. Animated videos easily catch attention and are fun and you can show what you can’t shoot in real life in an animated video.

10. Market Videos through Other Media.
Youtube is not the only place to market your video. You can post it to different social media networks to increase its reach and gather an audience.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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