Video marketing is not that simple when it comes to turning viewers into customers. Even there are situations when people leave your video ad in 30 sec -1 min.
These videos are judged by viewers not only on the basis of content but presentation skills, production quality and information it provides. So you need to enhance your video production quality.
A video communicates not only through the message in it but by several other ways like music, emotions and much more. Therefore a presentable video is as much required as the necessity to have a video.
Here are 10 tips to enhance video production quality :


1. Be Original – Authenticity has its own reward
Be original and come up with some unique idea of yours instead of copying. The audience goes through a lot of videos daily either its TV commercials, YOUTUBE videos but they can smell the copied content from miles and will reject your video instantly. Original ideas generate curiously in people and make them stick to your content.

2. Create a Plan/Script
You should be fully prepared in the pre-production phase. Be organized and focus on every smallest possible detail. Prepare a script/plan for your video before production begins. Be sure to go through every possible detail so you don’t face problems later. You can also have some help from a professional script writer.

3. Choose your Camera Person carefully.
Not all of us are as good actors in everyday life. So if you choose to be yourself in a video or some non-professional actor, you need to focus on some points. The lines should not be forced but delivered. Many non-actors look like they are forced to do or say something. Keep high standards in selecting camera person. Always have room for improvisation. Do not stick to original written script. Nothing is done perfectly in the first attempt so keep improvising.

4. Carefully choose the Set Locations.
Mostly people ‘set-dress’ their office to shoot for another location. Do not try to fool your audience. They have lots of experience and they will instantly know that location is not genuine. Another point to consider is that it make your video looks like some project of a 10th standard kid. Shoot your video in genuine locations if required.

Production Phase :
Try to make your video as perfect as it can be while shooting. Editing is there for some errors but editing can be a lengthy task and you can save your time while shooting by just focusing on some aspects.

5. Focus on Sound Quality
This field is often left unchecked by amateurs. Don’t look like one even you are new to this field. Use high-quality lapel mikes. Try to make your sound quality as high as possible and don’t give viewers chance to think about your professionalism. Your camera’s microphone don’t differentiate b/w noise,siren, and useful sound. To prevent this get a traffic clip-on mic, especially when you are shooting outdoor.

6.Set-up Lights
Another often field left unchecked by new comers is lighting. Videos shoots can take place in a dark or sunny area depending on your subject. Don’t forget to use lights in a dark set and pay attention to avoid facing camera toward the sun during an outdoor shoot as images will be only darker this way. Set up the light balance. Don’t overexpose your images. Also, be sure to remove any unwanted shadows. Your video quality should be great in order approach increasing viewers.

7. Use a Tripod
Tripod is an essential tool for shooting a video. Just pay attention to level the focus with it. Tripod helps when you are shooting a steady scene as well as it increases the sound and picture quality of your video.

8. Turn Off Digital Effects of your Camera.
Do not shoot while digital effects are on in your Camera. That makes your video looks awful. You can shoot your video normally and can add effects later. Also, focus on white balance. Your camera should always be in focus and white balanced.

Post-Production :
Post-Production or editing is important and requires attention as this is where you decide what to be tailored and what to show to the audience. You have only 10 sec time to grab audience’s attention. So be sure your video is up to the task.

9. Obey the rule of Thirds
To frame your subject properly you should obey the rule of thirds. In this, you have to align a subject with the guidelines and their intersection points, allowing linear features in the image to flow from section to section, or placing the horizon on top or bottom line.

10. Align the flow of video with emotions.
The tone, structure, and pace of your video have a major influence on its effectiveness and the emotional impact on your audience. Emotional videos are often more likely to get a better response than some lifeless display of product. Be up to the mark before going to the public.

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Rohit Sharma

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