5 Great Copywriting Tips to Skyrocket Your Sales

It does not matter if your goal in sales is to become a millionaire or just earn a good living and have more time for your friends or family; you will find these copywriting tips to be priceless. For those of you who think that you can get by in today’s sales markets without learning about copywriting…don’t quit your day job.

Generating or writing new and unique content is an essential element for marketing strategy. A unique and quality content can affect so much on the ranking of website. As a result visitors and will increase, sales will increase and overall revenue will increase. So, web content copywriting plays a very important role for the growth of any business. A good web content copywriter must have the elements that help generate traffic to one’s business site. But what content to create also is essential and the following has to be considered:

Many of you might think that last statement was a bit excessive but it isn’t. If you do not take the time to learn the basics of copywriting you will be working for someone else for the rest of your life.

Copywriting Tips for More Sales

#1 – The Personal Touch – When you are trying to sell a product or service talk directly to your prospect. Using the word “you” changes the entire feel of a piece of copy and the perspective of your reader. Another word that is very important in direct sales is the word “I”, it gives the reader the feeling that you are talking from experience.

When you make use of the words you and I, all of a sudden you are not talking at a prospect, you are talking to them and that little personal touch is probably the most important of these copywriting tips.

#2 – The Power of The Headline – Before you can sell to a prospect you have to pique their interest enough to actually care enough to read your copy. No list of top copywriting tips would be worth its salt unless it stressed the power of the headline.

When a prospect looks at your copy the first thing that they are going to notice is the headline and it must be powerful, so powerful that it grabs the reader’s attention and draws them into the rest of the copy.

A benefit driven headline is worth its weight in gold.

Headlines are so powerful in fact that I have devoted entire articles to that subject alone on my blog, there you will find valuable insight and more copywriting tips from a successful copywriter.

#3 – Postscript – I am a firm believer in the power of the P.S. In a piece of good copy I believe that the P.S. is the third most important part of the job, behind the offer and headline.

You will find that most people look at the headline and if it interests them the next stop is the bottom of the page. Use the P.S. to drive home the benefit of your product or service.

#4 – Small Bites – One of the best copywriting tips for those who are just starting out is to write in short sentences and short paragraphs. Nothing is more of a turn off to a potential customer than to come upon a wall of text.

Most people digest information better in small bites so keep sentences and paragraphs short. It may not be “proper” grammar but it makes sales.

#5 – Talk to, Not At Your Prospect – The key to making sales is to speak to your reader like you two would when talking to a friend at the table over coffee.

Though thousands or maybe even millions of people may read your copy you are not talking to them all at once. Every reader is a friend that you want to convince to buy your product or service.

More Copywriting Tips

One last tip, if you are having trouble getting conversions using your copy you should consider outsourcing the work until you have learned more and are ready to take over. A professional copywriter can turn a slow trickle of income into a raging torrent very quickly.

Use what you have learned here to enhance your copy and give your reader the information that they want in a conversational tone and make them feel at home. Don’t forget that you can find more free copywriting tips and articles on my blog.


Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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