5 Practical Tips to write Evergreen Content

When your company is launching a content marketing scheme to engage your current audience and attract new readers, it’s overwhelming to think that the blog posts you create will have short shelf lives. In other words, if your company can barely create sufficient quality content to make public multiple posts weekly, you certainly don’t want to lose the sharing and search value of content in just a few days because what your business has published is almost immediately outdated.

Significance of evergreen content to business?

Most small businesses find it difficult to stick to a blogging agenda, as it takes time and money. As a result, people often write a selection of articles when they get the time and then post them over the coming weeks, without having to worry about tying into the day’s news. It thus sounds more practical as well as business-like to create articles that have no expiration date.

Shortlist the Topics

The evergreen content on your website should be relevant to your business while also serving the greater good of providing the visitor with information they can use to make day-to-day life easier.

That said, must all evergreen content be informative? Not necessarily. A light post about how you founded your business with a few anecdotes thrown in would make an interesting read for your audience and also foster a stronger connect with your brand.

Choose timeless topics

When choosing a topic for your evergreen post, remember the K.I.S.S rule (Keep It Simple and Sweet). Never choose topics that are too broad, as they must be thoroughly explained, which can make them far too long. Take note that a typical online reader will scan your website looking for keywords and sentences that match the information they are seeking.

Don’t forget to update

One of the best things about going evergreen is that there’s always something new. For instance, after publishing your how-to-grow-a-rosebush guide a year ago, you discover a better alternative to the suggested mulch. Simply scratch out the dated content and update with the new information, and voila – your content is as good as new again.

Market on the right social media platforms

Creating evergreen articles is only half the battle. Sure, you may have the most amazing comprehensive guide on how to take care of rosebushes, but if nobody knows it’s still there, how can they read it?

You’re all familiar with promoting on social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, but how about sites that are evergreen-friendly? One of those evergreen promotional sites is your blog.

Make sure visitors have a chance to see your evergreen content by putting direct links to it on your most popular posts. Another great way to lead readers to your evergreen content is to incorporate them as related articles after viewers have read something on a similar topic.

Let Your Content Flourish

Many businesses fill their blogs with quality evergreen content only to see it get buried by the influx of new blog posts. You must make an effort to call out these evergreen posts so that they are immediately obvious to new visitors. You could call attention to these posts by creating a “Start” page, training guides, or in a “Top Posts” section of your blog.

You can also use your existing blog content to squeeze out a little more forgotten evergreen content. As you perform your regular audit, update your posts, add new information, and re-post them. You can also remove the date stamp and re-share this content on your social networks. The date of the post is only important if it is a news article.

Consider the length

Evergreen posts range from a few hundred words to several thousand. When determining length you want to consider your subject matter and your user. It may be worthwhile to break extensive posts into a series of posts to make the article feel more readable and digestible. Just make sure you include an internal link within each article to the other posts in the series so readers can easily find to them.

It’s every blogger’s dream to have a source of fresh, interesting content. With evergreen content, you can get one step closer to that dream. Try writing an evergreen piece for your blog today – then sit back and watch the page views roll in!


Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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