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Local SEO is a sensitive subject. It has many troubles and pitfalls if you are not doing it right, but as many opportunities to improve if you know to knock at the right door. There is always some scope of improvement in SEO strategy, as its standards are ever changing. Most important part of your website is local Services page, as it draws a lot of local traffic, can be made much better than already it is. Let’s take a look at these 7 PPC landing Page Design Tips:

  1. Individual City Pages per service area.

You have to make more than one landing page if you want to improve your landing page result. Don’t try template version or multiple spun version of the same copy of your landing page. It can have negative effects on your SEO score. If you are a huge service provider and provides services to almost all areas of a city, then it can be difficult to create individual pages for every area. But you can tart prioritizing your highest volume areas. Link to your Landing Pages under a top level menu heading. You can create indexed pages for each service area. You can follow the classic formula for keywords: business name, city, state, service type. You need to do the same for each page and also to create a unique and compelling copy.


  1. Unique Content.

Each of your landing pages must be unique enough if you don’t want to get penalized. If you change 3-4 different words per page in the same script, it won’t work. You need to create a brand new content on every page you publish. The Google My Business Listing are very important for local rankings. So do mind to create different Google+ accounts for your different offices. These steps will help you with higher conversion and more accurate representation of search queries by location.


  1. Answer the Question.

Your landing page is there to serve a purpose. In addition to being unique, not too big in number, your page also has to be useful. Users search for something specific, so your page must have that content to serve their purpose. So it is profitable to advertise your Name, Address and phone number visibly. And more profitable if your content is more than subscription asking for purchase. If users are asking questions your job is to answer it in an attractive manner.


  1. Make the Heading Match the AD.

This ensures your consistency which is the major factor in design and user trust. Users are ordinary people and can get sometimes confused and impatient. If they click an ad that says something and are taken to a landing page that is something else, they are less likely to believe you. Also, having similar language throughout your content and ad can boost your Adwords score.


  1. To Link or Not To Link?

The traditional method of link building like social media links, link in a blog are good. Any link that takes the user to your landing page is going to be helpful.Outbound links can be harmful. Too many links are distracting and irritates and confuses users. Use outbound link only when necessary and try to keep content in focus.


  1. Use Schema Structured Markup.

Search Engines loves structured data and their preferred one is Schema. If you mark up your data with schema it will ensure your content to appear in both rich results and knowledge graph cards. Greater complexity increases the need for specific schema markup. Even landing pages with multi-location business and more service areas can be benefited from Schema Structured Data.

  1. Location Specific Content.

Testimonials are good and must be kept on landing pages but must be reserved to this location. Having a testimonial that that takes to the customer’s website through outbound link can easily prove your company’s worth. Especially if someone with a high profile I your customer.


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PPC landing Page Design – Sales Landing Page Design Service

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