Advantage and disadvantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is subjected to various arguments and discussions. When it comes to Advantage and disadvantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), some of the scientist and philosophers claims that AI would risk the human existence, some say that AI will make human life easier and better.

Few of the advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    • Precision and correctness are something that would have, with the help of AI.
    • AI is continuously helping the space exploration, finding various phenomenon that exist in the universe.
    • Sea exploration is yet another advantage of AI. AI greatly helps to seek and to search the remote depths of oceans.
    • With the usage of AI, you can have all your laborious tasks be done with complete precision.
    • AI has made our daily life very easy. We have been continuously using AI as in the contemporary lifestyle which is helping us in various aspects.
    • AI can be employed to accomplish various dangerous tasks. Due to the speed and accuracy of this machines, they and accomplish various dangerous tasks that would otherwise be impossible for human beings.
    • AI has a great implementation of the medical treatment. AI can be used for the stimulation of the brain functioning and can be used as a diagnosis treatment tool saving many lives. AI is also being implemented for a removal of the tumor with a complete precision without affecting the surrounding tissues.
    • Non-stop functioning is another major aspect of AI. Unlike human beings they work continuously and can be active round the clock.

There are various disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well

    • The biggest disadvantage associated with AI is the cost. In most of the cases, a very high cost needs to be incurred for the maintenance and repairing of the AI. In the case of the system breakdown, the cost is tremendously high.
    • An AI cannot think beyond the programmed information. Unlike a human being the AI does not have the quality to think beyond the framework of their program.
    • AI lacks human emotions. Machines cannot replicate emotions. This is the reason they cannot be implemented in the hospitals and the old-age homes. Even if they are capable of working as human beings, they lack the quality of empathy and togetherness.
    • Lack of creativity is another flaw of AI. Though there is various AI implementations in the creative fields and AI has not been successful in replacing the creative mind of human being.
    • Another important aspect that is not implemented in the AI system is common sense. Lack of common sense is something that makes AI incapable of functioning completely as a human being.
    • AI is a threat to the employment of human beings. Many researchers have come up to a conclusion that the rising influence of AI will cause a strong threat to the job market.
    • AI can be misused. Since an AI does not have its decision-making capability thus, an AI in the wrong hands can have various destructive consequences.

Artificial Intelligent is one of the fastest growing sciences with its implementations. AI brings great hopes for a better living off the making. However, it is very necessary AI is implemented for the comfort and the betterment of mankind. Artificial intelligence can have a very strong impact on the business, commerce, medical, aeronautical and various others fields. The best approach to developing and using AI in our day to day like is not to get dependent on the machines. With the comfort and ease being provided by AI it would tend to make human being dependent on it. However, implementation of AI without getting dependent on it is something that would let AI make human life better.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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