Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in daily life & Future

The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Knowingly or unknowingly we all are using some sort of AI in our daily life.  (AI)  features in the smart mobile phones and computers have made our life easy with these applications.

  • Modern search engines: Advance search engines would exactly know what you are looking for. All you need to do is to type the right word, and the engine would give you a huge list of relative information.
  • Video games: Have you ever played a game that is so enticing and engaging that you feel you’re just a part of it. This is only possible because of the interaction system being installed in the game. AI is highly used in the modern video games. This makes the games feel more real and interactive.
  • Stock and purchase prediction system: If you are in the stock market, or you are a normal purchase, then there are different kinds of software available that would allow you a very close prediction mechanism. This is possible because of the analysis tool which analysis the possibility of rising and fall of the stocks.
  • Fraud detecting software: This is one of the most intelligent systems that various banks use. This system includes intelligent software that would analysis the fraudulent behavior that might cause a threat to the banking mechanism. Even modern e-mails are capable of detecting spams and unwanted emails and throw it into the spams of trash.
  • Online customer help: A company engages a computer to interact with you as a customer support. You, sitting on the other side would feel as if you are talking to a human being. This is a great implementation of AI, which helps to support customers any point in time without engaging real human beings.

Future scopes & Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The concept of AI is evolving very fast. AI promises wonderful inventions that would astound humanity.

  • Self-Driven Car: Shortly you will have higher possibilities of finding a car that does not need a driver. All you need to do is sit inside the car and relax till your destination is reached. Few experimental models of such cars have been launch. This car is intelligent enough to find the correct route as well the traffic conditions on the road and would navigate accordingly.
  • Intelligent story writer: This is the future writer which would build articles and stories weaving words. This is one of the latest implementation of AI. Many of the websites around the world have implemented this mechanism. The intelligent program is capable of weaving words into a complete story.
  • Communication system: Speech recognition has already been introduced to the modern computer and mobile phone systems. In the near future, this system is ready to evolve and be ready to communicate with a human being at a natural flow.
  • Human and animal brain re-creation: In the near future some parts of the human and animal brains will be recreated. There are some of the major projects that are running which aim to re-create the brains and find their practical applications.
  • Conscious robots: There are high chances that robots would be commonly seen on streets. These are the robots that would have human consciousness and common sense. In the near future, Robots would play a major role in our day to day life.

Area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that needs further research and development

The implementation of AI has given some of the fantastic tools that make our life easy. However, there is a certain area of AI that needs further research and development.

Some of the flaws of AI related to the computer vision systems. A computer vision being implemented with AI cannot recognize the quality of the material being viewed. The computer vision cannot recognize the changes of the face due to wearing a dress, aging or injury. Some of the flaws are also related to speech recognition. AI is not yet capable of recognizing lip movements and facial emotions.

Some flaws are also related to the biological environment. Unlike human beings, the AI systems are incapable of apprehending and adapting to the continuous change of environment. They are not adaptive and are incapable of learning out of a particular situation.

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