Benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page for Business

Best known as the place to go for job hunting and company networking, LinkedIn is making a name for itself as a professional content marketing platform. LinkedIn Company Pages catapults LinkedIn into an intelligence-gathering tool for individuals and a free marketing tool for businesses to grow brand awareness and attract new employees, followers and customers.

LinkedIn is an important resource for promoting your business in the professional world. If you want your business to increase creditability, you need to create a LinkedIn company page (in addition to the personal profile you may already have). There are several advantages to using a company page over just a personal profile. First, SEO loves company profiles. This is a great place to use keywords to target an audience.

Not only does the company page give you credibility, but it also gives you the opportunity for your employees to link together and list your company as their place of employment.

LinkedIn groups

Here you can search and discover like-minded professionals by joining groups that are of interest to your industry or by browsing other industry groups for a professional opinion. Establish yourself as an industry expert: By joining a group relevant to your industry, you can make new business contacts by sharing content or by finding and posting questions and answers. Extend your network: Being a part of any group allows you the opportunity to establish business relationships with 3rd party connections that you wouldn’t otherwise have the option to connect with. Consult leading experts in other industries: If you have a question, you can browse through the alphabetical directory and find experts in that industry that will help you out. By posting in groups, you will easily find experts, consultants, and second opinions on your questions.

How to get engagement on a LinkedIn Company Page:

Like Twitter, these pages allow people to follow your company. With a company page, you are able to run sponsored updates, which can feature your business-targeted ads. This is a fantastic way to get traffic coming to your company website, which you cannot do with just a personal profile.

Also, like other social networks, you can place a “follow” button on all your social profiles, blogs, websites, newsletters, email signatures, etc. Creating content to post on your page is also essential. Tie it to trending topics in your niche and articles others in your network would share with theirs.

Why Your Small Business Needs A LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn, often perceived as merely a recruiting site, is quickly becoming one of the most cost-effective and potent sources available for business development, networking, learning, and recruitment. Strategic use of this frequently-overlooked hub for professionals could play a critical role in your content marketing, company branding, and lead generation strategies.

Benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page for Business

Company pages also allow individuals to “follow” your company. Similar to Twitter, amassing followers on LinkedIn provides a distribution channel for your content marketing, allowing you to educate and influence buying behavior. Somewhat distinct to LinkedIn, followers also promote your business indirectly through their own professional networks. As your number of followers grows, so will the number of LinkedIn users who have one-click access to your company page.

LinkedIn can present your small business with a local, professional strong social media presence that will help build marketing activity and traffic flow. Statistically, any visitor is 4 more times likely to visit your website from a LinkedIn page than any Facebook or Twitter account.

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