10 Benefits of Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a method where marketers promote the company with help of videos, blog posts, eBooks, white papers, SEO, marketing through social media and content posting which are the forms of marketing to attract customers. Whereas outbound marketing is opposite of inbound marketing when a company promotes marketing through conversations and messages to the audience. Examples are TV commercials, Trade Shows, ads in newspapers, catalogs, brochures, flyers, and emails. It is the most traditional form of marketing. Nowadays, inbound marketing gets more importance rather than outbound marketing. Here are 10 benefits of inbound marketing vs outbound marketing as follows:

  1. Changing of style of shopping by consumers

Consumers nowadays do not believe in the traditional form of outbound marketing like TV advertising, flyers, cold calls, emails. They prefer to go through the researches with content creation, SEO, eBooks, infographics and social media. Before shopping the products, they intend to go through detailed researches about the products and go ahead. So, the style of shopping is changed in the modern world.

  1. Gaining popularity in internet marketing

As in modern world, internet is gaining addiction towards it by the consumers, they are preferring internet marketing rather than traditional way of marketing. So, the customers are doing their shopping by internet searches rather than TV ads, local calls, mails etc. So, internet marketing is gaining popularity implies inbound marketing is capturing market.

  1. Increasing of social world

In modern world, social websites are gradually increasing and capturing market by inbound marketing. Gradually people are losing their interest in TV ads, mailbox. 45 % of the customers do not open their company’s direct mails,86% of consumers overlooks the television commercial or ads fast forward these. So, social websites are gaining popularity due to increased interests of people in these websites and obviously, social websites are becoming focusing points for advertisements.

  1. Increase of content marketing

As social websites like Facebook, Twitter are gaining popularity in the market, all the contents with advertisement sites are spreading through the social media virally. So, automatically, inbound marketing is capturing its own place replacing the traditional outbound marketing.

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  1. Due to increase of links

As social websites are gaining popularity, advertisement links are spreading with the members of the sites and these links are spreading enormously in the internet world. So, in this way, visibility of the advertisements is increasing and the company’s advertisements are also capturing market. So inbound marketing is moving ahead rather than the outbound marketing.

  1. Improvement of rankings of search engines

Due to the enhancement of ranking of the search engines, content marketing is creating explosion to the marketing and ultimately opening up as leads. So, inbound marketing is successful over outbound marketing.

  1. Concept of both way communication

Inbound marketing is made for two-way communication. Here the advertisements reach people through search engines and social media. In outbound marketing, communication is one way. Here, customers are found out on the basis of TV ads, leaflets, and other traditional methods. Here, people are not educated on the products by thorough researches. But, in inbound marketing people are educated through websites with deep researches on the products. After proper researches consumers provide responses.

  1. Due to costing of inbound marketing is less

As advertising costs in inbound marketing are appreciably less than outbound marketing and it is 62% less than the traditional marketing. Inbound marketing strategy should be targeted to achieve maximum traffic at the websites. So, the marketing people are trying also to penetrate in inbound marketing to get leads and also to minimize costs of traditional marketing.

  1. Company blogs

In inbound marketing, companies are posting blogs in the websites, social media and are getting huge responses along with leads. So, inbound marketing strategy should be good content marketing as the primary market.  When educational content is merged with social media, it generates more interests in the young generations and build more responses to inbound marketing. But, they are not only getting leads, but also are earning revenues. But, on the contrary, traditional marketing does not receive responses in that manner and cannot earn revenues sufficiently compared to the costs of marketing.

  1. Responses are more from leads in compared to cost

It has been observed from statistical data that 55% of respondents are available from blogs,47% respondents from social media with the help of leads where cost is minimal.  SEO in inbound marketing provides 39% of respondents.  It has been observed that compared to cost in inbound marketing, responses are more and thereby sufficient revenue can be achieved out of low cost marketing strategy. Whereas in outbound marketing, 39% responses are available through telemarketing and 19% from trade shows. It is easily observed that responses are less in traditional marketing compared to cost of marketing.



The behavior of consumers is shifted from outbound marketing to inbound marketing in modern trend. So, as days are gone by, as statistical data reveals that inbound marketing is capturing markets through posts in social media, blog posts as these are more accessible to people and more and more responses from the consumers are achieved. Don’t even try for outbound marketing for people under 40. Through eBook, you can develop new inbound marketing strategy and can achieve more leads. In inbound marketing, it is growing people’s interest instead of buying it.

Traditional marketing of cold calls, telemarketing, trade fairs are fading day by day and losing its importance in the markets.91% of users of emails are unsubscribing the company’s email.   Statistical data shows that inbound marketing proves more responses than outbound marketing and cost is also less in inbound marketing. Therefore, small businesses are preferring inbound marketing due to low cost and getting of higher leads to grow the business in rapid form.

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Now, from the above discussions, it is clear that inbound and outbound marketing have got different strategies and techniques overall. The outbound marketing is aggressive in nature and interrupt people badly when they do not like it at all. One statistical diagram shows that people are ignoring the constant messages as outbound marketing.

Nonprofit sectors nowadays prefer to opt for inbound marketing due to low cost and getting more leads for their survival. For outbound marketing, messages are put into consumers’ ears whether they are intended to listen or not. So, nowadays, people have started ignoring these types of messages. But, blog posts are creating curiosities in consumers’ mind and they start researches in it and ultimately putting in leads.  So, outbound messages are not tuned with the consumers. Like outbound marketing, inbound is not direct pushing of sales or there is no aggression of sales in effort. But, the effort of blog posting or posts in social sites look comfortable to the consumers and acceptable. So, gradually inbound marketing is capturing consumers whereas outbound marketing is fading out and ultimately may be diminished.


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