Best SEO Tips for your website to increase traffic

The basic elements of Search Engine Optimization SEO are
• META Title optimization (ranking factor)
• META Description optimization,
• keyword targeting and density
• Unique Content without grammatical errors
• correctly formatted contact page on the website,
• images with unique filenames and alternate attributes,
• META robot usage

These listed above are the basic parameters only and more factors need to be addressed for each page of a website to improve ranking in search engines. There are more than 200 elements of the website that Google uses as a ranking factor. Each year thousands of businesses with good looking websites and popular social media channels struggle with website ranking in search engines and online visibility because these 200+ elements of website SEO were not optimized properly. Before digging deeper into advanced SEO techniques and social and content marketing. Let’s know the important tips for SEO for small business owners.

As Google SEO algorithms changes, Website ranking also changes, it’s time to plan strategies for SEO according to current Google algorithms updates. I am giving some of the Best SEO Tips for small business owners

Keyword Research
Since search engines answer search queries based on keywords or phrases. Using the right keywords to market your business is the most powerful attribute of any online marketing campaign on any channel. “Content is king” that truly rule the online and print media marketing world. Content marketing is driven by originality, demand, and the ability to serve relevant information to its readers. Poor content goes nowhere. it also demotes websites in search engines.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing is about Creating articles and stories that drive purposeful action or provides branding for your business. It’s important to promote and share content on social media & another popular websites. Content marketing should be planned and content should be informative and useful to users which also includes important keywords for your business, products, and services. content marketing is not an easy process yet Effective content marketing will bring a quantifiable lead, increase sales or visible branding.

Business Listing

A citation or business listing is a process of putting business’s (complete) contact information on popular b2b and b2c websites, and for local businesses, it’s one of the most important elements for local search discovery on search engines and local websites. Business Listing may not offer a direct link to your business, but it plays an important role in quantifying your business contact information building online brand recognition and authority.

Image & Video Optimization
due to increasing importance of organic image/video search and the increasing popularity of Image and video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, has brought the demand for filename, alt tag, and video property optimization for image and video marketing.

Map Marketing
For local businesses, online discovery on a map is very important to driving those customers to your door. it is important to be listing on common maps and places such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Yahoo maps.
Meaningful and Useful information On Social media platforms, Content needs to focus on providing Meaningful and Useful information to the customer to driving more sales, new leads, and increased branding. Marketing with Meaningful and Useful information continues to add value to social media marketing.
Responsive and Mobile Friendly Website
The website should serve appropriately for each device such as laptop, computer, mobile, and tab (responsive) today, and Google recognizes websites that are responsive by marking them as being “Mobile-friendly” within mobile searches. Website loading speed is also a ranking SEO element to focus on – especially for mobile viewing. So make your website responsive and mobile-friendly.

PPC & SEO Combined Strategies
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising like, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads Google AdWords are the most requested service for online marketing. PPC campaigns with applying the latest SEO techniques for websites are a winning combination for small business advertising.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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