10 Simple Methods to Boost E-commerce Sales and Conversions

Starting an online store and e-commerce websites can be a lucrative business for many industries and markets. For best results, the proper e-commerce platforms and applications should be used. In addition, the website design must be of quality and properly executed.

Website design and e-commerce applications are only the beginning. To be successful online, e-commerce websites must generate traffic and produce sales. It is here that most businesses struggle. Generating site traffic for e-commerce websites us not an easy task. Furthermore, converting the site traffic into shoppers and loyal fans can prove to be even more difficult.

Start-ups, small and more established e-commerce retailers look to improve site traffic and sales conversion rates. There are some proven methods to boost e-commerce sales; here are 10 simple ways to increase online sales.

10 Simple Methods To Boost E-Commerce Sales

  1. Upgrade the website to Responsive Design.

This is not an option anymore for retailers. All websites that do not want to be downgraded by Google must convert to Responsive Design (mobile friendly) websites starting April 21, 2015 when Google changes their algorithm again.

  1. Publish product reviews and testimonials.

To boost e-commerce sales, online retailers should publish product reviews and customer testimonials. Product reviews and testimonials by customers can drastically boost online sales for e-commerce websites.

  1. Offer shipping promotions and discounts.

Clear shipping information is highly appreciated by consumers. Expansive shipping charges surprise consumers often and are the reason for shipping cart abandonment, and loss of sales. For best results, free shipping and shipping discounts should be offered and clearly advertised throughout the website.

  1. Keep product choices simple and easy.

Online retailers that wish to boost online sales should try not to overwhelm consumers with too many different choices and options. To improve sales, retailers should keep product choices simple, easy, and straightforward.

  1. Have active email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing campaigns are one of the best methods to generate e-commerce sales. Retailers should have an active email newsletter going out to consumers and potential customers monthly.

  1. Display call to action elements throughout the website.

E-commerce websites that generate sales display clear call to action elements usually throughout the website. These elements trigger the desired response from website visitors such as sign-ups and product sales.

  1. Create and publish regularly content.

To get search engines to index e-commerce website pages and increase traffic, e-commerce retailers should create and publish content regularly. Company blogs are a perfect platform for publishing unique, relevant, and informative content.

  1. Deploy Search Engine Optimization campaign.

SEO is still the best marketing tactic and technique for e-commerce websites. There are no other marketing methods that come with such as strong return on investment (ROI). SEO campaigns with strategic keyword phrases can significantly improve e-commerce website sales and search engine rankings.

  1. Keep active with social media channels.

Social media is a critical marketing method for e-commerce websites. Social Media Marketing (SMM) improves website traffic, link building, social engagement, and online sales, when properly executed and managed.

  1. Test and review reports to improve.

It is difficult to improve without the proper information. To improve online sales and the effectiveness of e-commerce website, the proper tests, reports, and statistics have to be reviewed. Then, the right adjustments and improvements can be made.

Companies and businesses that wish to ensure that their e-commerce websites produce sales can always work with professionals for best results. Expert website designers with plenty of experience with e-commerce applications and online store design can properly customize and develop results oriented websites. A free consultation and quote can be reviewed prior to making a decision.


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Rohit Sharma

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