Digital Marketing Industry in Future using Artificial Intelligence – Predictions

Can you deny or avoid Artificial Intelligence? No, rather it has become a necessity or has involved a major part in the day to day life. Actually, it is taking the place of human works. Today whatever is needed from professional matter to personal assistants everything we depend on upon this Artificial Intelligence. It has become urgent in human life and so it has left its marks of existence in almost every field, in all sectors. Digital marketing is a part of those sectors where artificial intelligence has left an impact on it. Today we cannot separate artificial intelligence and digital marketing world. This artificial intelligence first has been introduced in the year 1955 with the view that robots would one day live together with humans. Yes, it has become true.

Today artificial intelligence is applied in different fields such as

•    Hospital Industry

•    Gaming Industry

•    Finance Industry

•    Robots

•    Entertainment

•    Aviation and in other fields

Facts about Artificial Intelligence in Future –

·       AI market will grow to $5.05 billion by 2020

Research firm Markets and Markets estimates that the AI market will grow from $420 million in 2014 to $5.05 billion by 2020, thanks to the rising adoption of machine learning and natural language processing technologies in the media, advertising, retail, finance, and healthcare industries.

·       Virtual assistants will make decisions for you

Gartner believes that the data gathered from users in cloud-based neural networks will power 40% of mobile interactions between virtual personal assistants and people by 2020. This means that all the data you voluntarily feed to Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Google, and Amazon will be used to create a complex cloud-based profile that cloud-based “smart agents” can use to predict your needs and desires.

·        Most enterprise relationships with customers won’t require humans by 2020

Gartner also claims that 85% of all customer interactions won’t require human customer service reps by the end of this decade. The firm believes that automated analysis of social media channels, CRM software, and personalized chatbots that recognize faces and voices will greatly reduce the need for traditional call centers. That bodes well for Facebook’s recent integration into Messenger for automated customer service.

·       AI will replace 16% of jobs over next decade

Research firm Forrester believes that AI workers will replace up to 16% of all U.S. jobs over the next decade. However, new jobs to maintain those AI platforms and machines will also be created, meaning that “just” 7% of all jobs will be lost.

It’s not just sales & customer service representative who should be worried. Medical assistant AIs could reduce the need for lower-level medical staff in hospitals, driverless vehicles could replace professional drivers, and robot-writers could pump out articles much faster and more accurately than humans.

·       Robots will probably outnumber humans at work

Gartner estimates that 45% of the fastest-growing companies in the world will “employ” more smart machines and virtual assistants than people by 2018. That’s because hiring fewer humans and installing more virtual assistants could reduce costs while boosting productivity.

·       6 billion devices will request AI support

Gartner estimates that 6 billion connected “things” will be actively requesting support from AI platforms by 2018. These devices will likely include many connected appliances, cars, wearables, and other gadgets included in the broader Internet of Things market.

Impact on Digital Marketing Industry in Future using Artificial Intelligence

1.    Finding the Right Audience – Digital Marketing has a vast area where you can select your career for a specific area. You can do the work of a Digital Marketer that covers up all the terms of Digital Marketing like Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, SMO, SMM, and SEM etc. The artificial intelligence has supercharged data and has the definite target. The digital campaigns implement data will use this information in a blunt manner. A product shall outline their demographic and target audience. For example, a sports company may target their brand for 18-34 years’ male who take the interest in football the company can sell their sports boot to them. The first and third party data will be used to identify the users which can fit in this profile and the advertisement will deliver accordingly.

By implementing this artificial intelligence, you can teach technical knowledge to your target users. There are many target users who do not have any idea about new technology and have never come across with such type of advertisement. Each time if the similar campaign is running on it will give information who is likely to engage and who is not, only targeting the most relevant users.

2.    More Accurate More efficient – The more artificial intelligence is used the more it becomes efficient, can eliminate the waste impression and deliver the hyper- aimed ads. The advertisement that uses this technology can uplift the business at least three hundred percent more. This AI will optimize in real-time, in a fast manner, in stark contrast to the traditional advertisement. This traditional campaign needs manual adjustment and relies on an ad-ops team; as a result, it takes time. Most of the mobile tracking takes place in the week end, when the teams are out of office then this artificial intelligence comes forward into its own as an optimization tool.

There is no denial that the mobile campaign level has a great impact on the industry. If the advertisers use this artificial intelligence then it serves better-targeted ads that drive the higher user’s engagement and campaign results, then the publishers will get the better results and will earn higher effective cost per mile. When they earn more money through fewer ad placements they can have the clear site of the invasive advertising that may dislike by the users. This must be improving the online experience and the users are like to engage with this advertising as they see few ads per browsing session, they want to improve ROI for advertisers. In this way, the circle continues.

3.    Artificial Intelligence – Future of Advertising

Thus, artificial intelligence is the future of the advertising industry and digital marketing world, not an add-on or nice to have but as a fundamental component of campaign. With the help of this technology, anyone can develop the short-term campaign as well as long term online experience for everyone.

4.    To Create Buyer’s Psychological Profile

The data that are obtained through artificial intelligence can predict the buyer’s persona so the digital marketers are capable of predicting the buyer behavior and they are able capable of reaching to their audience better. You can see the application and impact of artificial intelligence in different fields of digital marketing.

Application & benefits of Artificial Intelligence into Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence can best be used in digital marketing. Every businessman wants to produce the best to their customers. For this, they should collect the data of the clients and that data contains various parameters like the buying behavior of the customers, customer’s outlook for a particular brand or the customer’s demand for any particular thing. They must collect huge data and should analyze it so that they can get a clear picture of the customer’s need. If the marketers go to analyze the data in the traditional process it will be a tough job for them then what is the solution? Yes, you can get that information by using tools. With the development of artificial intelligence, some tools have come into existence and the marketers can use these for their business purpose. They can be used to collect the data by automated surveying; can get the information of the customer’s personality and also can analyze the buyer’s emotions.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence to Marketers, Advertisers, and Consumers 

It is the era of digital marketing. It has created new opportunities for marketing by using this artificial brain in digital marketing for the benefits of marketers, advertisers, and consumers. Artificial intelligence has taken this marketing system to a new level. This application of AI into digital marketing can bring a drastic change in the digital marketing world. It is beneficial not only for the marketers; it is equally helpful for the customers and advertisers also.

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Rohit Sharma

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