Current Digital Marketing Trends using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 Application of Artificial Intelligence In Marketing – Artificial Intelligence can predict the major events that are going to happen in human life by tracking their social media post- known as Psycholinguistic Analysis. Therefore, the artificial brain has transformed the scenario of marketing. The research works of this brain have shown a new path to the marketers and now they can identify the customer’s brain by using the latest strategies not by using the traditional strategies. The achievement of computer intelligence has a great impact on digital marketing. Today most of the companies like to work on these strategies of digital marketing. They want to promote their brand through digital marketing strategy not with traditional method because in this method they can reach to their targeted customers in less span of time. Today the market strategy is that customers before buying any product or service they search it in websites. It is because there is a drastic increase in internet surfing and the customers rely upon the search engines better than the traditional search. This machine learning or search engine can understand the human requirement and provides the best and relevant information to the customers or users.

  • Web Designing-A source that has obtained from the set up of artificial intelligence says that based on the substance that is provided the software collects the images, text, and page layout etc. The software can build a website automatically and quickly within 3 minutes of time. This is very important for that person who does not any knowledge of programming and it is equally important for those who need to design their website in less time and with more effectively. It is a great experience to have a digital marketing & web designing by using artificial intelligence. The main purpose should be to ensure a great online experience for mobile users. You must create a separate page for these ads. It is the time taking affair, required double the double amount of work and resources that can lead to successful ads. It will give the chance to avoid possible lapses across devices. For this useful approach and efficient work is needed. This will give rise to create the responsive design and this will help to create adaptive pages in the same area, with the purpose of delivering the same user experience across different devices.
  • Search Engine Marketing– Rank Brain is Google’s artificial brain. It works as a part of Google’s on the whole search algorithm or ‘Hummingbird’. Rank Brain helps Google in navigating fifteen percent of the daily search queries which do not have recognition. Rank Brain has other functions also. As we get in:-
  1. Accurate Search Result—If you enter any unfamiliar word Rank Brain helps in guessing that what the query was about and can determine that which pages have to be displayed for the given search. Rank Brain helps Google in navigating 15% of the search queries that are not recognizable.
  2. Emphasize Customer Reviews – Rank Brain also helps in generating search result of an exact query by using the customer’s reviews. Suppose you are searching something by using the unfamiliar keyword, then Rank Brain generates search results and checks that if anyone has given any review on that and has displayed it in a search result. The voice search has become more common in Rank Brain.
  3. Micro Moments—the customers are changing their outlook very fast regarding their search. They are shifting their search to the mobile internet than in desktop or laptop to get a quick search on the service or product. This shifting of the customers’ behavior is called Micro Moments. Micro-moments analyses their buying persona and gives data to the marketers. The data helps the marketers to reach to their customers with the relevant production.
  4. Safe Brand Advertising and Better ROI—Artificial Intelligence gives the guarantee to the human traffic to the ad placed by a particular make by blocking the doubtful users like robots. In this way, the producer can retain the brand safety and can maintain the viewability rates. By the help of Artificial Intelligence, the producers can reach to those customers who are likely related to the brand and place the brand accordingly. Therefore, artificial intelligence delivers the value for the invested money and provides the return on investment.

It is not that you can use this artificial intelligence only for the business ad, marketing or for the business content. You can use the social media services also.

Use of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media

  • Facebook—Facebook help you to provide the ad’s of the user’s through its own algorithms. It can evaluate the customer from his earlier posts, hashtags, likes, and shares etc. The artificial brain helps the users to get the better experience on Facebook. The main purpose of artificial intelligence is to collect the trending topics from the database, filter the news, there after field and tag to the appropriate friends in photos. This is called the Advanced Deep Learning Technology.
  • LinkedIn—just two to three years back LinkedIn had set up a job search that is called ‘Bright’. It considers user’s location, hiring pattern, past experience, and job description etc.
  • Pinterest—It is specialized in recognizing the image and search it accordingly. Suppose you want to see or buy images of mobiles that are available on Pinterest, you may crop it out and drop it in the search bar that will take you to the related page containing that image.

Application & benefits of Artificial Intelligence into Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence can best be used in digital marketing. Every businessman wants to produce the best to their customers. For this, they should collect the data of the clients and that data contains various parameters like the buying behavior of the customers, customer’s outlook for a particular brand or the customer’s demand for any particular thing. They must collect huge data and should analyze it so that they can get a clear picture of the customer’s need. If the marketers go to analyze the data in the traditional process it will be a tough job for them then what is the solution? Yes, you can get that information by using tools. With the development of artificial intelligence, some tools have come into existence and the marketers can use these for their business purpose. They can be used to collect the data by automated surveying; can get the information of the customer’s personality and also can analyze the buyer’s emotions.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence to Marketers, Advertisers, and Consumers 

It is the era of digital marketing. It has created new opportunities for marketing by using this artificial brain in digital marketing for the benefits of marketers, advertisers, and consumers. Artificial intelligence has taken this marketing system to a new level. This application of AI into digital marketing can bring a drastic change in the digital marketing world. It is beneficial not only for the marketers; it is equally helpful for the customers and advertisers also.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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