If you’re planning for creating a website for your business or personal use, then you want to use the best content management system, but which one to choose according to your needs. Luckily, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the 3 leading open-source platforms. They all are maintained, supported by a community of thousands and are continuously being made better to leverage latest technologies, SEO trends and social media concepts and also add-on features. All these 3 platforms are suitable in terms of pure performance.

WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal have introduced themselves as the “cream of the crop” in a very short span of time for online CMS (content management systems).

You may get confused which system to use for your site, but it’s very crucial to make the right decision as your online business would be depended on this. So, be smart and savvy while making choice. In this article, you’ll see a brief comparison among three so that you can make the right choice easily for your website.

Have a look at these three:

WordPress – Recommended for novices, as it works effectively for small to medium sized blogs and websites as well.

Joomla – Suitable for sites meant for E-commerce but demands basic technical coding for proper functioning.

Drupal – The most complex, but most powerful CMS.

Let’s have a brief look on each system:


It’s the most eminent CMS across the world. It was initially introduced as a platform which was especially meant for blogging purpose only, but with its increasing popularity and success, it has grown significantly much more advanced over the time. At present, more than 40 percent of websites are created using WordPress. More than sixty millions websites are created in the system WordPress. If you want to create a blog or a website, WordPress can offer numbers of benefits,  including:

Free – WordPress is absolutely free to install and use for everyone. WordPress has lots of free themes and plug-ins available to pick from according to one’s need. There is also option to pay for premium plug-ins and themes.

Easy to Install – There are numerous web hosting companies offering quick installation of the WordPress sites. So, within 5 minutes you can have your own working website with automatic installation service. You can opt for manual installation as well.

Customizable – WordPress offers sundry of options for themes, plug-ins, and several other customizations which is not available in any other CMS yet. The variety of choice is vast because of its popularity.

Community Support – When you use WordPress, there are many people available at your service for helping you out from any difficulty you face. Ample of websites are created by users giving free support to numerous other WordPress site owners. There are large of forums available to turn to on facing any type of issue.

Everything in this world is not perfect, and has some or the other drawback. Same is with the WordPress too. If the site grows in size, it demands additional resources and efforts to maintain the site. WordPress’s framework is also a bit complex to change, which means that there can be difficulty if you’re looking for making changes in back-end!

However, WordPress is the best option for the novices to create a site or a blog.


It is the world’s second most popular CMS. It is a completely open source system preferred by many people, but especially by those who’re technically minded.

It is very much powerful, and doesn’t much focus on the resource. Drupal is usually used by big corporations for creating simple blog, content portal, etc. Drupal’s most common benefits include:

Free – The Drupal software can be easily downloaded for free, and can be installed on one’s hosting server. You can’t host the website on the Drupal server, as there is no such option available yet. So, for running the site you need a good, reliable web hosting along with your selected domain name. You can buy domain names at cheaper price.

Customizable – Drupal is extremely easy to customize with numeorus different available themes, plug-ins, and several other configurable options. If you have basic programming and technical knowledge, then you can easily access and even edit the root files of the program. Accessibilty to the root files makes it the most flexible system among the other CMS.

Technically Advanced – At present, Drupal is among the most technically advanced system among the rest three content management systems (CMS). Since it is a powerful tool, it demands some degree of experience and expertise to operate. As compared to WordPress, it doesn’t make use of much system resources.

Better Performance – Usually the Drupal pages get loaded much quicker and have better response times than the pages made in WordPress or Joomla. As you keep including the plug-ins and dp some other changes, it can get quickly changed.

So, Drupal is the most powerful tool available for the content management system (CMS) out of the box, but surely demands extra efforts from the website owner.


Joomla come amid WordPress and Drupal. It is also another efficient CMS, which operates very smoothly and effectively on most of the web servers without raising any kind of issues. Making site with Joomla, doesn’t demand much technical and professional experience & knowledge as that of Drupal, but still many features are offered by this system. Joomla (like WordPress and Drupal) also have several themes and plug-ins available to pick from , which can be further customized to design and make website you want to.

The benefits of Joomla includes:

Free – Joomla is also available for free, which can be used in your own web servers, but there’s no option for free hosting as offered by WordPress.

Less Technical – The power of Joomla lies between the ease of handling a WordPress site, and the power of a Drupal website. For many people Joomla can work without any problem, while for some people it may demand expert help.

Social Networking – The significant benefit of Joomla – social networking. Among the three, creating social networks is extremely easy and quick in Joomla,

Commerce Sites – With Joomla, online stores can be started like a child’s play. Joomla makes commerce sites much easier and faster than WordPress and Drupal.

Joomla is popular because of its easiness and powerful nature, and it incorporated the benefits of WordPress as well as Drupal apart from its amazing features. Joomla is the best option for people who’re looking for a bit more powerful than WordPress CMS, but easier to handle than Drupal.


Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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