Have faith. Never give up on your dream !

We all have some problems in life. We all have a hard time while dealing with our problems. We are continuously struggling to achieve something and we always expect best from our future. When we face the reality, we might see different results.

Sometime Situation may not turn out our way as we want to. As we feel weak, we need people to support us in hard time who can boost our moral support system, who can tell us “don’t worry, it’s okay. It’s not your fault, it’s alright.”

But people may not always understand your intention & situation. They can treat you badly and they can blame you. In such situation, you might feel alone and broken.

You might get a feeling to give up on all. This is the moment when you need of yourself most. You should always remember your commitment, your vision and your dreams of happiness and you should fight the battle if you are even alone.

Sometime some people and some events can give you bad experience in past and that can badly hurt you and it can change your perception completely about people and particular situation. Due to that bad experience, you are afraid from getting hurt again and tend to avoid these type conflicts. You start to believe that world is bad place, people aren’t good and things will always go wrong. You start to blame your luck and yourself for all this. You start to feel guilt and trapped.

In this situation I would tell you if bad things happened, if you met bad people it doesn’t mean that World is bad. If you have seen bad time in life, don’t forget that good time will also come, you will also meet some good people later that will change your thinking. That will give you reason to go ahead.


You should always hope for better future. Hope gives up power and courage to go beyond all the problem and circumstances. I would just say to you- keep trying hard. Never lose hope. Have faith. Never give up on your dream !

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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