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What is RankBrain?

RankBrain is a machine­learning AI system that helps Google process search results. It was announced by Google in October 2015. According to a story in Bloomberg, the system had been in use by Google for search results even before the formal launch. The exact date of it going live is unknown, but its use was begun gradually, starting early 2015

RankBrain is not the new way Google ranks search results. It is a new part and an important part of the overall search algorithm used by Google to run through billions of pages and come up with ones felt to be the most relevant for the search

What is RankBrain and how does it work-

RankBrain effectively analyses search almost like a human , finds different meaning and context of individual words & multiple meanings and serves the best relevant pages for user in the search .

  1. RankBrain understands the meaning of the text and extract the most important points.
  2. RankBrain is predicting and understanding words and sentence & also able to understand real intent behind search queries.
  3. The machine learning system is being used to give direct answers to questions.
  4. Analyzing Important ranking signal & It is creating new rankings and classification based on its knowledge

What is a machine learning system?

RankBrain is recognised as a machine learning system. it is different from artificial intelligence. Machine learning is a process where a system  or machine can improve itself over the time without any human interference. Machine learning system is revolutionary where the machine can have human-like behaviour.

Better search results through better analysis of semantics

RankBrain is a way to interpret the searches that visitors submit so that they can find and visit the pages for the information sought. What’s important is that the pages may not have the words searched for. It aims at a better understanding of semantics analysis and understanding how some people use words and phrases and how they relate them to communicate something. It is supposed to serve better search results – particularly for 15% of the search queries that come in daily and have never been seen by Google before. Remember that’s a large number because Google gets more than three billion search queries every day.

Google is a multilingual search engine, meaning you shouldn’t copy a website in another language and translate it into another language and rank it above the source website. Google will know that is copied content.

Use of Artificial Intelligence for relationship vectors

RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to form relationship vectors— that the computer can understand. The vector approach uses large amounts of data to improve semantic accuracy. When a word or phrase is not familiar, the machine can make a guess and filter the most likely results.

Not for queries in English alone

RankBrain is not limited to queries for English language only. It works with all the other languages.

RankBrain is the third most significant signal

It is the third most important signal used in the Google algorithm. That’s significant because Google uses more than hundreds of other signals. Signals can be used to rank web pages. Words and links are two examples of the more than 300 signals that experts guess Google uses for ranking.

Some SEO concerns on ranking, crawling and indexing

The system has created quite a buzz among the SEO community as it is a significant roll out and not much is known in exact terms about its capabilities. With ‘Rank’ in­built into its name, one of the concerns is whether it directly gives a score for ranking. There’s been some confusion here with a few contradictory statements coming out from on this. After factoring in all opinions, it seems that it does affect ranking in some manner –either directly or indirectly. Other concerns relate to its effects on crawling and indexing. Thankfully, it does not affect both crawling and indexing. This should be good news for SEOs.


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