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The success of a mobile app is determined by the position or ranking it holds in the app store. You may have developed a great mobile app, if users can’t find it easily, all your efforts have been a waste. If you want your mobile app to have success, with the huge amount of apps launching on a daily basis, you’d better have a promotional plan for your app.
At TENxLIVE, we have a team of mobile app marketing experts to manage successful mobile app promotion campaign. Our experts have years of experience in ASO (App Store Optimization) and can help you through various stages of app promotion like:
When to promote Mobile App?
First, you should develop an app that mobile users will need or want to download. And once you have it, just remember that most marketing plans need to be performed before the launch, not later. So take enough time to organize, plan and execute a proper promotional campaign. We can also help you with that.
Tips for successful mobile app marketing & promotion:
1. Connect with influencers from the industry
The most efficient marketing strategy is one-on-one marketing. Before you start making plans to promote your app, get in touch personally with influential individuals in the industry.  Don’t stay away from reaching out to people at big brands. Make a list of people you need to contact. Follow their blogs and comment. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.
2. Create a buzz
Create a promotional page for your app and try to optimize it for mobile. Put on it promo videos, screenshots, descriptions, FAQs, etc. Create a Facebook and Twitter account for the app.
3. Build a fun base
Once you have created a buzz for the app, try to start building a fan base. Reply to comments and questions., get interactive. Create mailing lists. All such activities must be consistent and continuous.
4. Include the press
If you managed to execute the plan in the first step, you will have a number of writers in your contact list. Announce the launch of the app a week or two before. Write down a good PR and if you don’t have much experience in writing, you can contact someone who has experience. Don’t forget to follow up on your initial contact with the press. You can also go for viral effect by including a video.
5. Get featured in the App Store
It sounds easy to get featured but it isn’t. If everybody knew how to do it, all the space in the top of each category for all the successful and wonderful apps would have been taken by now. Make your app interesting by design or by making it unique for App stores.  Big brands like apple and google are always looking for new, interesting apps with the promise of potential and are climbing the charts.
6. Use ASO (App Store Optimization) 
Identify strong keywords and use them, write an interesting description keywords included, add keywords in image description and title and make appealing screenshots. Use appropriate metadata and optimize the app description for search engines when you submit your app to the store.

Hire Mobile App Marketing Experts – Mobile App marketing Agency India

TENxLIVE is a digital marketing company based in Noida, India.  We provide SEO services to help you get more traffic on your Website and improve your ranking in search engines. The company has established a team of experienced people that specializes in services like WordPress template optimization,  Google analytic implementation, page speed optimization, keyword search and much more. We expertise in mobile app marketing campaign.

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