How to maximize ROI using Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is one of the most important ways to boost ROI. It can help generate leads, improve conversion rates, and automate marketing tasks.

One of the most common examples of Marketing Automation is email marketing automation. We can use this type of software to learn about the customer’s preferences and adapt our messages accordingly.

Marketing Automation has benefits for both marketers and companies. Marketers get more time to work on their creative side while companies save money on marketing operations.

High quality content is an important element of modern marketing and one of the strongest factors in maximizing marketing automation ROI. Content is one of the primary ways that marketers generate, engage, and nurture leads. It is used to build brands, establish authority, attract new social media followers, and retain existing customers. All of these benefits can contribute to your marketing automation return on investment when they are effectively executed.

Here are a few tips on how to maximize your marketing automation ROI:

Create helpful Content

Every piece of content should provide prospective leads with real value. High-quality content will educate the reader and give them a reason to turn to your business whenever they require additional information. Basically it should be a subtle pitch that demonstrates your expertise while offering beneficial guidance. To consistently provide readers with significant value, the content must always be focused first on the concerns and needs of your typical consumers. Selling a product or service should also be the secondary focus.

Gather more information about leads

You would be able to guide prospects through the buying process more efficiently and there is a better rate of conversion when you have more information about leads. When you analyze their trends, you will be able to classify them easily between cold and warm leads, based on which you can come up with marketing plans accordingly.

Coming up with Drip Campaigns

We were shocked to know that only a few marketing automation users were optimizing drip campaigns based on their requirements. As per the information collected from users, a few were not sure about the type of content to be used, and the rest did not know from where the optimization has to be started.

Specialized messages to a specific group of people, dynamically

Although you would be having thousands of leads, it would be comprised of people with their unique preferences and choices. You can gain insight about these customers and deliver them with messages that are relevant to their preferences. This would result in better conversion rates in the marketing campaign.

Evaluate and Clean Up Your Data

It isn’t just CRM data that should be regularly cleansed, but any and all marketing data. The more accurate, complete, and non-redundant your customer data is, the better the potential for higher marketing ROI. Data cleanliness is also improved by data integration. Data that is kept in silos may be inconsistent and incomplete, but when it’s integrated and standardized, every department has a more complete and accurate customer view, so meeting customer needs is more straightforward. Data cleansing has to be done regularly, because the passage of time can degrade data quality due to things like address changes, and job changes that introduce new contacts into your system.

Consider Using Triggered Emails

Triggered emails that are sent out after, for example, someone registers for a free e-book on your site, can be effective in delivering content marketing messages relevant to that visitor’s interests. Marketing automation can be set up to trigger emails based on a number of conditions, like a lead’s birthdate, or their completion of some sort of conversion trigger, like signing up for a webinar. When engineered with thought and designed to offer visitors additional value, triggered emails can have double the open and click-through rates of ordinary emails. When an email is triggered, your marketing automation software can also be set up to automatically enroll the lead into your lead nurturing program.

Marketing automation can be amazingly influential if it is used strategically and fed high quality marketing data. Marketing automation should be done in an environment where CRM is regularly monitored for quality, leads are cultivated, emails are triggered automatically by certain actions, and landing pages are designed for maximum effectiveness. With data enrichment solutions like SmartForms, you can automatically enrich data collected from landing pages and be confident you are feeding your marketing automation system high quality data that will lead to valuable insights and maximize your marketing ROI. If you’d like to learn more about how SmartForms can help you, you can get a demo and see it for yourself.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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