How To Use Video Marketing To Promote Your Business?

Why Video Marketing for Business Promotion

If you are looking for creative ways to promote your businesses, video marketing can be a top method to give you lots of exposure online. Video marketing is the process of creating and sharing videos to promote your product or brand. If you are looking for some new marketing techniques or general ideas to boost sales, you should be considering the use of videos in your marketing efforts, especially since video marketing can increase your conversion rate significantly. More benefits of video marketing include the following.

  • Watching a video is much easier – Videos appeal to multiple senses. Instead of simply having a page full of text or photos, a video appeal to many more senses. Videos not only capture the viewer’s attention visually but through sound as well. Watching a video is much easier and requires less attention than reading an article or an ad, and convenience is a big part of the business world.
  • Videos are easy to embed- Once your video is created, it is extremely simple to embed it on your site. This means you can have multiple videos all over your website, some social media sites, and even on your various profiles across the web. This adds a visual and audio aspect to your website, generating more interest. Additionally, viewers can embed your videos on their websites, giving you more exposure than ever.
  • Your search Engine rankings increase – When users search for a term on a search engine such as Google, videos are given higher priority than text or images. This means your website, with all of its embedded videos, will rank higher when people search for a keyword or phrase related to your
  • Videos increase the amount of time a person spends on a particular page– The duration of videos and the ability to capture a user’s attention, videos will increase the amount of time a person spends on your Thus, their likelihood to buy will increase as well.
  • Videos increase your conversion rate- One of the main benefits of video marketing is the fact that it can increase your conversion rate. Since videos appeal to more of the senses and increase the duration that a person spends on a page, viewers are more intrigued to buy your product or service after watching the video.
  • Videos are shared by users  – This is particularly true in today’s social media world. Social networks give users the ability to share a video very easily, allowing all of their friends and followers to see it, and pass it on.
  • The lifetime of videos is endless- Videos have the potential to last a very long time, generating more views as time goes on. The more views a video has the more popular and trusted it is among others. This is especially true if the video goes viral, as the lifetime of it will last much longer.

Now that you are aware of some of the benefits of video marketing, try creating your first video. Some promotional video ideas include an interview of you or someone in your company, a slideshow presentation, an animated video, company introduction video , product or service launch video or anything else that relates to your business.

Once you create your first video, share it in as many ways as you can and let your viewers do the rest!

How to Record Videos for YouTube

Using a smartphone or digital camera, videos can be recorded, however using dedicated video camera would be more worthy. Beforehand only think about the type of video you want to shoot, so that accordingly you can arrange the accessories and all.

Below are some ideas to help you start off with video marketing-

  1. Show what your products, services or solutions – If you sell a  product, service or solution, video is an effective way to tell people  what the product is actually like, how it works and what it’s made of.
  2.  ‘How to’ videos –    By  uploading‘How to’ videos on youtube, you can give some useful information about business, product, service or technology to other people, while also reminding them of your product.
  3. Customer testimonials – Customer testimonials Video can create more interest and credibility if you interview people or invite customers to share their experience of using your products.
  4. Share industry expertise – Upload videos that provide latest industry news and offer detailed information about your industry. it can build your reputation in the industry and give you so many opportunities.
  5. Be personal with viewer –  Personal videos like conversation with colleagues , behind the scene videos, personal interviews, company tour and workplace tour  will add personality,philosophy about your business. This could help someone to understand you and your business and  decide whether they’d like to do business with ‘people like that’

Use SEO and promote Video on Social Media

After creating a video, make sure you upload and share it with different video sharing sites as possible, especially Vimeo and YouTube. Give impressive titles and brief descriptions to your video so that target audience can quickly find it among billions of other videos.

Use social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others to promote your videos and make it reach more people.Don’t forget to have an active presence of your brand on Google+, Facebook and others, and thus, make the most of these platforms for promoting your videos. And lastly, encourage your viewers and followers to share your videos.


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