If you are going to produce a corporate video for your business, you may know by now that 100 hours of video content is being uploaded to Youtube every hour. Without a proper strategy, your video may get lost in that crowd. Or maybe your video may not reach to the target audience or fail to deliver the message to the audience. At present time, competition is high and you should not miss any chance to promote and expand your business. A well thought and planned marketing strategy are as important to your business as video production itself. The importance of strategy in video production and marketing can be estimated from the fact that all Brands and leading companies assemble a special team for this. Here are some facts that may help you to realize the importance of strategy in video marketing and production :

Brands are Successful because of it.
Leading companies and Brands are not only using video content for online marketing, but with a proper strategy. They don’t just produce a video and launch it, they do it with proper strategy. They target their audience by making videos that audience likes to watch. They ensure that it reaches to the right audience. They focus on the message being provided to the right audience. With a well thought and planned strategy, they go into the market with their video that helps them generate revenue.

Video Channels are Overloaded.
Youtube is one of the leading video networks and according to a fact, more than 100 hours of video are being uploaded to Youtube every hour. Other websites also have similar statistics. In such huge amount of content, how would you highlight your video? The answer is : By proper marketing strategy. You need to reach to your audience with a proper message through your video. With a high amount of data continuously being uploaded on every social network, your video might get lost. There are chances that your video may not reach its target audience and other viewers may prefer watching the content of their interest.

Amateur Video Content.
In this era of competition, you cannot afford to represent your video as an amateur one. It directly represents your business and hence effect reputation. Such videos often fail to reach its target audience. Or they reach them with an improper and ineffective message. Thus they fail to complete their purpose and became useless and could not generate revenue or sales. You need a proper marketing strategy to avoid this.

Effective Strategies.
• Keep your video short and simple that engages with the audience.
• Always convey the message in the simplest form that doesn’t confuse your audience.
• Try to have an emotional touch in your video.
• Proper SEO is always helpful in reaching the target audience.

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Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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