Job Interview Tips for beginners and freshers

Although there is no set format that every job interview will follow, there are some questions that you can almost guarantee will crop up. Here’s a list of the most common questions and a guide to the kind of answers your interviewer wants to hear:

Do your research

Fail to plan and you plan to fail. You are certain to be asked specific questions about the company, so make sure you’ve done your homework on things like their last year’s profits and latest product launches. Also take a look at the latest developments in the industry so you can converse with confidence

Your Resume

A resume is the main intangible tool to get a job. Prepare your resume according to the job profile the company is offering and highlighting your strength required for the job. Remember one thing, that the points you are mentioning in it should be the ones, you are really intended to. This should not be bombastic and not be false just to impress the interviewer.

Practice your answers

Although there is no set format that every job interview will follow, there are some questions that you can almost guarantee will crop up. You should prepare answers to some of the most common interview questions about your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as being able to explain why you would be the best person for the job.

Arrive Early

In today’s rushing world, no one can waste their precious time for waiting for someone. So arrive five-minute early. So that you can relax there. It will also depict your punctuality.

Look the part

Appearances shouldn’t matter, but the plain fact is that you are often judged before you’ve even uttered a word. Make sure your shoes are polished, your clothes fit correctly and that your accessories are subtle. Dressing one level above the job you’re applying for shows a desire to succeed.

Stay calm

Good preparation is the key to staying in control. Plan your route, allowing extra time for any unexpected delays and get everything you need to take with you ready the night before. Remember to speak clearly, smile and remember that your interviewers are just normal people, and the may be nervous too!

Ask questions

You should always have some questions for your interviewer to demonstrate your interest in the position. Prepare a minimum of five questions, some which will give you more information about the job and some which delve deeper into the culture and goals of the company.

Clean Up those Digital Images:

Yes, you had a lot of fun in college and you loved showing it off to the world. You have drinking/smoking pictures with your friends on all social networking sites, you may have made absurd racist jokes on Twitter and your facebook profile is like a college fun diary which has a mention of everything (nasty-fun things) you did in the past four years. Clean all that up. The world is becoming more and more tech-savvy and your prospect employer is not likely to have been left behind. Interviewers try and do a background check and tend to look you up on all social networking sites. Keep in mind that your future boss is unlikely to want to hire someone who portrays a too casual or bohemian an image. What was cool in college is not so cool at the workplace.

Tell me about yourself:

Remember people, the guy sitting in front of you is not someone you met on in a coffee shop, if all goes well, he will be your boss/employer. So, when you are asked ‘tell me about yourself’ you make sure you come with an answer that covers the following.

Don’t argue:

The person sitting in front of you is not your college professor. He does not know you for the past four years and he is going to outright reject you if you keep negating his ideas/ viewpoint. We don’t say that interviewers are always right and yes, they may be wrong, but you are in no position to argue with them. Present your point of view like a professional and if you disagree with theirs so be it. You should try and understand their perspective and know that what he says is backed by years of experience; who said anything about accepting it.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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