Video Content Marketing : 4 Elements of an Effective Strategy

Video content is the new tool of marketing and businesses are focusing on it as main marketing tool. But corporate videos created for promotion often lacks the focus on marketing of it. And video content marketing requires an entirely different strategy than other types of content marketing. In our survey, we observe that more than 50% of marketing videos had less than 1000 views. This problem is mainly associated with businesses that are new in video content marketing. In order to reach the audience you need to adopt a new marketing strategy. But before coming to key elements of effective video marketing strategy, let’s know more about Youtube stats.pexels-photo-copy


It is the second largest search engine. Audience is interested in searching more videos in past recent years. Everyone likes to get a visual of the product they are interested in. This makes online video marketing a must tool for promotion. Many brands and leading companies are using videos to promote their business online as Youtube is getting even more visitors than TV commercials. But another face of this engaging medium is that there are 100 hours of videos being uploaded to Youtube every hour. Many videos are there that left unwatched as there are too many options to look into. Most of visitors on Youtube like to spend their time watching entertaining videos. In such case there are chances of your video being overlooked. The reason behind it is that many people spend their time and money in video production, thus marketing area left unchecked. Even big brands sometimes do that. To avoid this here are some key elements of an effective video marketing strategy :

Key Elements

  1. Produce Lots of Diverse Video Content.

The best marketers on Youtube do not got their position just by one video, they produce more content. In a survey, leading marketers are found with an avg. of 181 videos on their channel while the ones at bottom are with 29 videos. These videos vary in length ranging from 30 sec to 30 min, topics, presentation and other aspects. Performance of a video is not only measured by its views but with many other factors also :

Webite : your video should be on your website along with Youtube.

Search Engine : Search engines love video content. The websites having videos on their homepage are among the top results. All you need to do is proper SEO.

Social Media : Do post your video on social media platforms. It help in reaching your video to your audience.


  1. Integrate Youtube and Web Content.

Don’t just post videos on Youtube but on all other social media as well as your company website. The key is to post it on as many places as possible. It is the most effective video marketing program that creates relationship between social media platforms.


  1. Engage your audience.

Audience are about 10 times most likely to engage, comment and share on video content than any other social post. Youtube is not just an online video platform but also a powerful social media platform. Create engaging videos that make audience to like your product. In another survey, it is found that engaging videos return more customers and increases sales. Engagement is a critical part of social media that allows brand to communicate to audience .


  1. Embrace Youtube Advertising.

Youtube Trueview ads are not the same as Google’s Adwords. Youtube advertising can drive both engagement and calls to action. More engagement means more sharing,which leads to more views and sustained long term interactions. Youtube advertising can also deliver 10 times the click-through rates when compared with Adwords.



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Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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