‘The key elements of video marketing strategy’ is one of the reasons brands are always successful at promotional videos. The best brands produce such videos that engage with people, provides information and presents a compelling call to action. But in our everyday life, we all come across videos that are not much successful. So where do we fall short in our video marketing strategy? Here are the key elements of video marketing strategy that you can find useful for your marketing campaign :

Produce Engaging and Searchable videos
Videos provide more information than any other media in the comparatively short amount of time. A video can be much more engaging than other media forms, so avoid producing dull videos that nobody likes to watch. Your videos must be searchable as this is the time of video marketing and there are lots of videos to watch. Even there are videos left unwatched, recommended or shared by our friends and relatives. So your video should not be lost in that crowd of average videos. You need to produce engaging and searchable videos.

Show your Audience Adaptive and Relevant Video content
Brands do their promotional videos very carefully as there are chances of these videos often going in the wrong direction. You need to speak to your audience through a video that demonstrates an understanding of customers’ need and also adapts when necessary. The key is to know your audience well, show them what they want to see while maintaining genuineness and consistency.

Tell a Compelling Story that Resonates with Audience
Speaking to the right audience is critical and important if you want your marketing video to succeed. A compelling story always catches attention and it will be more beneficial when you connect to customers through content that resonates. Successful brands often tell good stories and their message resonates with people on many levels. They create interesting videos that are easy to remember and inspire action.

Create short and concise videos
It often occurs to all of us when we are searching for a video and finds the suitable content that matches our search but we skip the video because of its length. We all prefer to watch that video in a comparatively shorter time. Even videos recommended by friends left unwatched sometimes because of length issues. We don’t get that much time in our busy life and likes to do everything fast and that is applied on watching videos too. A short and informative video is the key to success. That is the best fit on TV commercials as they are limited to 30- 60 sec duration. They present a short and complete story in a short time period that engages with people. So try to keep your promotional videos Short and Concise.

Show Emotive, Relevant and Authentic Content.
Consumers invest on emotive, relevant and authentic content. Mostly brands try to produce videos that are having some emotional content. There can be any type of video based on emotional content like passionate, heartfelt, resolute, informational. Audience always finds such videos interesting and prefers to invest in their products

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Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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