Main Problems with Educational System in India

Every year many new colleges are opening in every city in India, but the quality level of education in India is still poor. Only a few candidates get better employment after completing their graduation while other try to looks different option such as  government job preparation or  BPO call center job. We are illustrating some of the main problems in Indian education system.

Main problems of education system in India

  1. Lack of encouragement to practical knowledge:. In Schools and Colleges, More attention is given to theory and books. Parents and teachers expect good marks from the candidate (student). Student study hard to gain good marks . A student is rewarded if they get good marks in exams. Education System becomes Rat Race in such way. After sometimes students forget what they have learned in books because they don’t see so much practical use. Focus on Practical knowledge and on skill based education is should be given in education system so that Student can relate theoretical knowledge to practical application. 
  1. Lack of Critical Analysis or Research (Problem Solving Projects):- Problem solving skills is most important skills to get a job or to be independent using your education. It can be learned by the experiment of problem-solving projects using creative thinking and critical thinking.Although in India, Students have everything that a child need but still they lack something in them. We may have the most number of engineering graduates in the world, but that certainly has not created so much technological innovation here. In India, Students should be able to innovate or solve the problems that the country is facing today. But colleges don’t pay attention to such skills. Mostly Students have biased thinking. They are simply doing because they have been told to do so by their teacher, parents, relatives, neighbor or friend. Most of the students are not able to look things from their own perspective. Schools and colleges should focus on Problem solving project, case studies, research and analysis based assignment so that students can get fresh perspective and thinking and they can know the current scenario of outside environment and outer world.
  1. Lack of Personality Development Initiative: – As mention above, Colleges and Schools demand good results in terms of the marks of a student in an exam and student is not well exposed to the outer world .Due to this, he or she might not be able to develop a personality. Personality development programs and training should be conducted in college and schools.
  1. Lack of Focus on skill based education(Skill Gap ):-  This is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of our education system. After completing graduation in any discipline, most students are not able to get jobs because skills required in a job market are simply not present in a fresh graduate. The job market needs people who know how to do thing things. Skills are essential to get a job but skills are not taught in schools and colleges. Hence Focus on skill development initiative should be given in colleges to improve our education system in India. 
  1. Lack of Entrepreneurship Development Initiative: – Most of the student are interested in a getting a job that pays them well. However, they would not like to become an entrepreneur. Because they think it’s very hard to become self-independent entrepreneur or businessmen. This lack of ambition does not allow our country to develop in many fields. Entrepreneurship development training, seminar, and workshop should be conducted in college. Our education system should be designed to make fresh students as successful entrepreneurs rather going for a job. Our education system should be able to create entrepreneurs, designer, innovators, writers, artists, scientists, thinkers and who can give a new identity to our county as the foundation of Technical knowledge and Superpower based economy.
  1. Paid Seat and Cast Reservation – In Indian Education System, Seats are kept reserved for reserved cast and rich students while education system should give equal chance to get admission for a course without any reservation system. A child of a rich parent would get a good education and a child of the poor parent cannot afford even a basic education. Government data suggests that only one out of every seven children born in India goes to college. 
  1. Outdated syllabus There is need to change the present system of higher education in our country and we also need to improve quality along with quantity. Students are reading and extracting the knowledge from the outdated syllabus given to them. The only concern with the syllabus is that the lessons get outdated while the years go .The Technology is booming and many advanced developments have evolved in India. Courses Syllabus of Graduate to post-graduate should be updated every year as per Industrial and technical development.
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