How to Make the Outsourcer’s Life Easy?

Customer service outsourcing is a highly availed service. Over the years, this practice has proved highly beneficial to businesses and they’ve realized that by having an expert to take care of a process that is not the business’s domain ensures complete client satisfaction and smooth functioning.

But even the most careful outsourcers end up making mistakes that can hamper their business. Here’s how the commonest of mistakes can be avoided –

1 – Define project details –

While outsourcing, it becomes the responsibility of the outsourcer to ensure the project details have been clearly defined. Sure the call centre will probe in for details to gain complete understanding of the project. However, there are nuances related to your business than only you can fill in the outsourced party with. By not defining the task or project from start you may not yield the desired results and may end up hiring a wrong service provider.

2 – Hire a company with relevant experience –

The main reason for outsourcing a process is because your employees lack the expertise to do it or you do not intend to have a separate in house team to for it. This implies that the outsourced party needs to have to expertise to seamlessly manage it for you. The best way of ensuring the company you hire is equipped with this is by checking their experience and track record in the relevant field. They should be filling you in with details on the functioning of the process and not the other way around. As a client all you need to do is describe the end result you want and listen to the suggestion they have. Conduct a reference check to ensure they have a successful track record in getting similar work done.

3 – Diminish communication gap –

Hiring the best of the agency does not guarantee smooth functioning of the process. You need to effectively communicate your needs with them. Make it a part of the process to constantly check with them on the progress of the project and get status updates. Ask for reports on the work done and give your comments on the changes you need. The better the outsourced party knows about your needs the easier it will be for them to meet your expectations. However, avoid micro managing the process as it will take up too much of your time.

4 – Give constructive feedback –

You are a better judge of what process will positively affect your business. Hence, offering constructive criticism to the process the BPO has set for you is well within your capability. Getting constant feedbacks from you and your team will help them effectively align the process with your business needs and achieve the desired end result.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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