9 Mobile App Marketing tips to promote & market Mobile app Organically

The whole process of Mobile App Marketing techniques can be split into two groups—organic and paid ones. Organic methods are generally preferred over paid ones. 9 effective ways for mobile app marketing to market and promote your mobile app are-
1. App Reviews & Ratings for Mobile App Marketing
When people think about reviews of apps on the App Store, two thoughts usually come to mind:
(1) people don’t leave ratings and reviews when they found an app interesting, and
(2) all those reviews are fake and are purchased in bulk through some third party.
Well, both statements are partially true. Mostly, the reason why app users don’t leave ratings and comments is psychological. People complains a lot openly and appraisal is hard to receive. There are reasons why we need app ratings and reviews. Reviews are part of the algorithm used to calculate an app’s position in search results and Top Charts. Apps with five or four stars are positioned above than apps using the same targeted keywords.
Add a “Rate our app” plugin to your app. This is a  great way to make it simple to leave a comment; it’s just a click away. There is no need to find your app on the App Store or find the Leave Review button—none of that. If your app is a game you can offer users some currency points or another reward;  if it is some other app, think about something you can offer in return for their valuable time.
2. App Previews for Mobile App Marketing
App Previews are launched in 2014 and are supported by all of the mobile app platforms. App previews have become the best way that let people try your app before downloading it. You want your app installed, not just people to check it on the App Store and move on. With a 30 seconds demo video, you can tell people about your app in an efficient way. You check out some of the practice for shooting a good app preview or we can help you with that.
3. Personal Onboarding ffor Mobile App Marketing
One of the ways people come to know about and download apps is through friends recommendations. People naturally suggest apps to others if they have an excellent experience with those apps. One of the methods to do this is to correctly welcome them into your app.
4. In-app Behavioral Analytics Tool for Mobile App Marketing
These questions may arise in your mind that, “Are my customers are satisfied with my app?” or “What do my like or dislike in the app?” You may think where you can get more installs to keep the app business beneficial.” All of your questions are valid, but it we suggest that you should keep your focus on your existing customers’ experience. Most apps survive on 20% of their users.
5. App Website & Smart Banner for Mobile App Marketing
You may get the impression that you should decrease your presence on the web for your app when you read so much about mobile. People continue to visit mobile websites, and this is increasing since Google has started to rank mobile friendly websites higher. Your website serves as an online information store about your app, including a video demo, screenshots, a description, links to all your social media channels, and a contact form for feedback. By doing SEO you’re increasing traffic to your website and therefore increasing traffic to your app.
6. Apple Watch Support (for iOS users) for Mobile App Marketing
Apple Watch has found its place in people’s lives is still an open topic to debate; however, their performance is not affected and millions of units have been sold. Try to add support to your app, especially when there aren’t many apps that support it compared to the number of apps.
7. Create a Viral Loop for for Mobile App Marketing
It’s a marketing technique to invite your users to become its marketers. When you market your app,  you use phrases like “Download the app here,” “Look no further, download your app here,” etc. This is not viral marketing. Getting reviews on your app like “This is a really good app, so I will suggest it to my friends”, this is viral but not a loop. However, if your users know that by sharing your app they can improve their own experience, this is a viral loop.
8. Localize Your App for all of the App Stores forfor Mobile App Marketing
As you probably know, that different App Store has more than 44 local versions. If you focus your app marketing efforts exclusively on a single target and ignore rest of them you are missing a big piece of the market. The US App Store is the largest and most of the people try to target it, but it is also the most crowded. You need to act smart to take advantage of all these markets.
9. ASO or App Store Optimization
ASO has been most important of organic app downloads efforts since the launch of App Stores. There are several contributors of your app marketing copy that affects how well it’s optimized: name, ratings, keywords, reviews, screenshots, icon, updates, and video preview
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