Mobile Security: 5 Tips to Keep Your Phone More Secure

Though technology has made life easy in one hand on the other it comes with a bunch full of risks. Talking about smartphones they are widely used and posses the ability to carry forward a lot of activities. Due to its high potential many thieves and hackers are making them targets. Like the internet and Wi-Fi connection which is always searching for networks for connections smartphones too constantly search for networks. But many a times the networks to which phones connect are not secure.

Many of the Smartphone users are however unaware of the risks their phone can overcome. People are not ready to give proper protection to their Smartphone which is making the situation worst day by day.

First of all Smartphone users are not ready to install a good mobile security software in their phone. Secondly Smartphone users are getting more defenseless because there are so many applications that they download from apps stores for storing their personal data. Also most of the Smartphone users keep important details like bank pin codes and passwords in their phones so that they can be easily accessed.

To keep your phone safe here are some mobile security tips which Smartphone users need to follow:

Keep Bluetooth switched off when not necessary

As every Smartphone consist of a Bluetooth facility they should be switched off when not necessary and switched on only while transferring information or data. A device who’s Bluetooth remains on have a tendency to get virus from other external sources or devices.

Keep changing passwords on frequent basis

Protect your phone with minimum two layers of passwords so that hackers find it difficult to hack your phone. Set password locks for your SIM and you’re mobile so that in case of phone theft the cell phone will ask for password if a new SIM is inserted. Also after a few trials of wrong password insertion the phone will automatically get locked. A password for screen locking too would prove to be beneficial.

Make use of secure connections

As there are lots of unsafe networks available which phone users connect to incase of emergency which can be very dangerous. As unsafe networks always gives space for virus and other suspicious malware to enter your phone. Enabling remote services on phone and installing reliable security software will always keep your phone secure.

Take back-up of all your phone data

Many people use their phones as a storage device thus every Smartphone these days offers a data back-up service which can be used in case of data loss. All phone users must take back up of their phone regularly. Users can do it by connecting their phone to a computer or by software that allows copying of all phone data to the PC. This again is very helpful in case of phone hacking or burglary.

Watch out for a reliable website

There are many mobile security software’s available on the internet but people always look for a free software so in case of downloading a free software form the internet users must make sure they are clicking on the right URL because there are many fake sites where fake security applications are available.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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