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How to Outsource SEO & Digital Marketing to India

Why Outsourcing is a Good Business Strategy in the Current Times

Outsourcing means that you are outsourcing work to somebody else. This could be a third-party vendor, a freelancer in your company, or an employee of your company. There are many benefits to outsourcing work, but you should be careful when choosing who to outsource it to.

Outsourcing can mean that you are outsourcing work to somebody else, which could be a third-party vendor, a freelancer in your company, or an employee of your company. There are many benefits to outsourcing work, but you should be careful when choosing someone to outsource it.

4 Reasons Why India is the Best Location for Your Outsource Company

Briefly discuss four reasons why India is the best location for your outsourcing company:

1. Cheap Resources

2. High-speed internet

3. English-speaking demographics

4. Young population

Why You Should Outsource Your SEO & Digital Marketing Needs to India

Outsourcing provides a way for companies to save on costs while meeting their digital marketing needs.

Outsourcing has been a popular strategy for saving on costs. For example, the trend of IT offshoring has increased in recent times. In fact, Indian IT firms like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Infosys have reported that they have seen their business grow 20-25% every year over the last five years by providing outsourcing services to American clients.

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Outsource your SEO and Digital Marketing needs to India today.

Companies have been Outsourcing to India in series of waves, starting first with software in the late 80s. The next waves were in the late 90s of call centers and medical transcription. From the second half of 2000, we have seen higher-end professional services being outsourced to India. Companies now outsource Digital Marketing, SEO Services & Internet Marketing services to India; If you want to outsource marketing to India, this article is for you.

Let us know

  1. a) potential advantage of Outsourcing to India
  2. b) the possible problems of Outsourcing to India
  3. c) Kind of projects associated with outsourcing services to India.

 Potential Advantage and Benefits of Outsourcing to India

Generally, India is known globally and has a good reputation too, for its technical expertise, but there are some of the best marketing companies with experienced professionals. The technological spirits and culture of India combined with a marketing company create a foundation for great Social service providers and Internet Marketing Companies.

In addition to that advantage, the Indian Institutes of Management and other top Management institutions produce some of the finest and most sought-after people living on this planet. Therefore outsourcing a project to an Indian company surely means that your project will be in the expert hands as the reputed companies provide you as a highly qualified person as any in your own country.

It is hardly mandatory to mention the potential cost savings. This is well known that Indian companies have been providing quality services at huge cost savings for many years now.

Advantages of Business Outsourcing-

  1. Expertise and Speed: Outsourcers are specialized in their field, so when any task is outsourced, you can be assured that your tasks will be completed by a professional. The vendors possess sufficient technical expertise and equipment to accomplish the task with an entirely professional touch. Also, the tasks can be completed quickly along with high-quality results.
  1. Risk Sharing: Risk analysis is one of the vital factors for identifying the result of a campaign. As the outsourced vendors are professionals, they have better strategies to deal with and avoid risks. Outsourcing specific tasks of the business process greatly assist the companies in shifting some crucial responsibilities to the outsourced vendor.
  2. Better Focus on Core Processes: When you decide to outsource your business process, especially non-core activities, you can be assured that you can completely focus on your business’s core activities. Outsourcing helps foster the business’s core process, making the organization more flexible to adapt to changes.
  3. Cost-Effective: The main benefit of outsourcing is the reduced cost of hiring full-time employees for your organization. Also, it assists in saving effort, time, training cost, and workforce, offering your overall cost-benefit.
  4. Increased Productivity: Outsourcing helps businesses to experience numerous competitive advantages as well. With outsourcing, the productivity of different areas of a business can be increased significantly.


Problems of Outsourcing to India

Perhaps the biggest problem is the lack of a deep understanding of the local market of the customer while outsourcing marketing to India. However, globalization is closing this gap. But still, some homework will need to be done by companies who are very close to the market or who can study the market.


Services you can Outsource to India.

Potential Countries Outsourcing IT Services, Call Centers, and BPO In India

The United States of America is the largest outsourcing country in terms of both volume and value.  Other European countries are the third resource for outsourcing to India. The United States of America ( USA ) and Europe – especially the United Kingdom( UK ), Germany, France, and Switzerland- are potential countries that outsource business to India more than others. Australia outsources in the onsite-offsite model. UK goes for the onsite-offshore model but takes longer to decide cost may not be that constraint. USA outsource most from cost-saving perspective.

Difference between INBOUND and OUTBOUND Call Centers

Many Call centers and BPO companies prefer cold calling or phone marketing to find their prospects which are called outbound call centers. In contrast, second types of call centers and BPO companies use inbound marketing strategies to receive calls from their customers, which are called Inbound Call CentersCountries like India, Philippines, China, Malaysia, Thailand, And Brazil are the hub of BPO companies and great destinations for outsourcing business.

What are the 3 Categories of  Offshore Outsourcing?

Offshore Outsourcing tasks should be of these 3 categories.

  • Executive or highly skilled level positions can be made outsourced.
  • Repetitive tasks like accounts payable, shipping inventory and data entry can be done outsourced.
  • Specialized knowledge like IT support can be chosen for outsourcing which is also called IT Offshore Outsourcing.

Internet market services include more than just SEO i.e. optimizing web pages for search engines. These hi-end services can include some of the things listed below:

  • Outsource Web content development to India
  • Outsource Web branding  to India
  • Outsource Website Optimization  to India
  • Outsource Web Analytics  to India
  • Outsource Tutorial creation  to India
  • Outsource Pop Flash ads  to India
  • Outsource Online advertising  to India
  • Outsource Marketing research  to India
  • Outsource content marketing to increase web traffic  to India
  • Outsource E-Book creation and distribution  to India
  • Outsource Linking strategies and deployment  to India
  • Outsource E-Newsletter creation and distribution  to India
  • Outsource email marketing  to India
  • Outsource Marketing media product development  to India
  • Outsource Publishing Solutions  to India
  • Outsource Creative solutions  to India

Outsourcing creative services can expand the reach of companies allowing their services and products to penetrate the homes and offices of potential buyers around the globe, thereby giving any corporation or entrepreneur a big competitive advantage.

Company’s Portfolio is a factor that needs to be taken seriously as it can be a decisive factor which lends it face value and brings forth association or sometimes disassociation with the company, depending on the fact whether the portfolio is good or bad. Outsourcing digital marketing services to India can be a countable option.

Few Facts about India and why should companies outsource to India –

  • India has the largest technical and professional talent pool in the world
  • India offers flexible pricing options
  • India provides consistent high-quality services
  • The Indian Government is stable and offers attractive IT policies
  • Indian companies provide the quickest time-to-market
  • India has more English-speaking people than the US & UK combined
  • Many Multi-billion dollar companies outsource to India

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