Phone Marketing (Cold Calling) Vs. Email Marketing – Strategies, Tips, Benefits & Comparison

Cold calling (Phone Marketing) and email marketing are two methods of making primary contact with the prospect you don’t know and who haven’t asked to be contacted to pitch them a product or service. Phone marketing and email marketing are the types of outbound marketing strategies that are used to lead generation and lead conversion by most of the companies.

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Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing – Strategies, Tips, Benefits & Comparison

Phone and email marketing are the broad aspects of making contacts with people so that you can pitch them a product or service. Either a business has a single employee or business has 1000 employees, It requires an effective marketing plan to grow. Today, despite the variety of digital marketing and social media marketing techniques, most people rely on e-mail and phone communications for business.Phone marketing and m email marketing methods can be used to build new business relationships and help to maintain them. Many companies focus on a single strategy while other use both strategies in order to improve the response and the effectiveness, as the primary aim of both the strategies is to get the leads and sales.

Cold Calling – Cold calling is a telemarketing technique where the telemarketers have to cross a number of stages in order to acquire and build up the relationship with the customers.. Sales representatives attempt unsolicited calls to acquire new customers, introduce their products or services or qualify sales leads. Telemarketers should research prospects and plan their calls to overcome some of their problems. . Marketers have to carry out the research regarding the prospects and then accordingly plan their calls that include the description of products or services. The success of the call depends on the effectiveness of the caller Many marketing expert says, “Quit Cold Calling. It Is A Waste Of Time” However, Phone marketing is still effective for many types of business models specially working with B2C industry.

Facts about Cold Calling ( Phone Marketing )

• 91% of the time, cold calling doesn’t work (source: Harvard Business Review)
• 90% of C-suite executive say they never respond to cold calls or email blasts (Source: Harvard Business Review)
• 8% of salespeople get 80% of sales (Source: The Marketing Donut)
• Only 5% of business lead phone calls lead to a sale (source: DSWA)
• Only 2% of cold calls result in an appointment (source: Leap Job)
• Less than 1% of cold calls lead to a sale (source: DSWA)

Email Marketing – Email marketing is a direct marketing or an outbound marketing technique that play a crucial role in any lead-management process. Marketers and Sales Executives send emails that include simple text messages with incorporate graphics and links to websites. Email marketers send mailers and newsletters to get a response in the form of a reply or a click-through to the website. Like cold calls, primary emails may be unsolicited. Email marketing is very useful in the sales and marketing for lead generation and lead conversion. The most important thing is to find out the types of message that we want to send, and then according to our requirement, select the email marketing platform. It is a direct technique where different marketers send emails to the people that include text, images, graphics, multimedia content and various links to the online content. Also, it must clearly indicate who you are, what the promotions are and any conditions. Depending upon the response, marketers can adopt different follow up emails in order to provide the accurate information.

Fact About Email Marketing

  • Only 8% of companies and agencies have an e-mail marketing team. E-mail marketing responsibilities usually fall on one person as a part of her wider range of marketing responsibilities. (Source: Mark the Marketer)
  • 57 percent of people who receive these kinds of emails believe it to be spam without even opening the email. ( Source: StarTribune)
  • The average click-through rate for B2B marketing e-mails is just 1.7%. (Source: Mark the Marketer)
    Which is right marketing technique for business?

Email marketing and phone marketing both are useful methods to find new customer. first, you should understand your audience and their needs.For effective lead generation results, You must do research on your customer’s behaviours, working conditions and lifestyle.Customers have already soaked up various information regarding the product or service like from internet. When we begin a conversation with them, their beliefs, attitudes, mindset is shaped. So we should try to be a useful resource for them otherwise it doesn’t take much time to change their mind by your competitors.

Inbound marketing is the reverse of outbound marketing. instead of trying to attract the customer by calls, emails and advertising, the focus is primarily on creating some indulging relevant content that can achieve some loyal consumers. In other words, the term inbound refers to the idea of letting the consumers be informed about what they give permission for. The notion of inbound culture is to create a theme and nurture it. To list down the building of an inbound market, these are some of the initial prerequisites.



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