Role of Media Communication in Development of India Country

Media of India has various types of Indian communications media such as television, newspapers, magazines, radio, cinema, and Internet-based Web portal. Most of Media Channel generates revenue from subscriptions, advertising and sale of copyrighted material. India is known for a strong background in music and film industry. India has more than 70,000 newspapers and over 690 satellite channels (more than 80 are news channels) .over 100 million newspaper copies are sold each day which makes India the biggest newspaper market in the world.

Media is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy which should always favour the public and show them the truth. Whether it is a political activity, corruption or crime issue. Media plays a crucial role in shaping a healthy democracy. It works as the backbone of a democracy. Media tells us about various, political, social and economical activities happening around the world. It is like a mirror, which strives to show us the bare truth and harsh realities of life. In last 67th years of Free India, Media (mainly newspapers) has played an effective role in the development of India.

Media plays an important role as an informative bridge between government and public, general public cannot know about new act, rule and regulation, bills and acts that are passed in the parliament and about their positive and negative effects in the society. It is the media who reminds politicians about their unfulfilled promises at the time of elections. T.V news channel’s excessive coverage during elections helps people in electing the right person to the power. Media reminds politicians to be fulfilling their promises in order to remain in power.

Media also exposes loopholes in the system by private operations which ultimately helps government in taking right action towards the vacuums of loopholes to make the system more accountable, responsive and citizen-friendly.

The key role of development communication is to help people change their behaviour. Development journalism works actively for the development of the county. It is related to the whole communication process the government, the Press, radio and TV.

Development Journalist works to improve the social environment and help in making a nation better. Development Issues could consist of these major policy decisions made by a nation that directly or indirectly affect the life of its people such as government’s decision to increase price of petrol, bringing new rule and law in county, recent political and communal activity, employment and education regulation, new act ,bill and taxes.

Media identify and deal with development issues on a regular basis. Media generate awareness about the issue, public discussion and it helps the governments and the people in bringing well-informed opinions. Media will always help people on those major events and development issues that have direct effects on their lives.

If media person will not work in right manners, the government officials will do what they want, Corruption will increase and Government fund which should be spend on development and progress of county would be looted by such corrupt people. Development is primarily the activation of a country’s human and material resources in order to increase the production of goods and services, thereby leading to the general progress and welfare of its people. The media undoubtedly has become more active over the years.

So media plays a very important and impartial role between government activities and the general public, A democracy without media is like a vehicle without wheels. Now in the age of information technology we are surrounded by the information around us. We get the news of the world events with just a click of a mouse. Now due to internet and website, anyone can view latest news in the every corner of the world. Thanks to latest technology that has brought a kind of revolution in journalism.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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