Search Optimizations Factors- SEO Tips for Small Business

You already know how to improve your search rankings using ‘keywords’. Here are other tried SEO Tips for Small Business and tested ways to improve your Search Optimizations Factors & SEO in case you are not making much progress with keywords.

Good design and layout
  • Pay great attention to the page layout and its formatting. Ensure reader-friendly fonts and typography are used.
  • The text should be readable without the reader having to make an effort or strain. Most importantly, the text should be simple and easy to understand.
  • Use layout and space effectively. The paragraphs should be short and the line spacing comfortable to the eye.
  • Using header tags can help enhance user experience and with it the ranking. No visitor likes going through paragraphs of endless text without headers. By using keywords in your header tags you are helping your SEO ranking against those keywords.
Useful content
  • How useful is the content you have provided to visitors? Do they find it interesting or useful? Are they so absorbed that they are spending a lot more time than they normally would on other comparable sites? The time visitors spend on your website is called dwell time. Longer dwell time by visitors tends to improve the ranking.
  • Do visitors find the information that they are looking? Are they able to complete the desired transaction or call to action? If yes, how quickly or efficiently are they doing so? Because if they cannot they will move away and their quick exit will adversely affect ranking.
How quickly does your page load?
  • If the page load speed is slow and it takes more than a few seconds to load, the visitor will lose patience and go somewhere else. This will affect your ranking as not only did the visitor not spend any time on your site, he increased your site’s bounce rate which is bad. Some ways to increase page load speed include image optimization, having fewer redirects, minimizing the number of plug­ins and ensuring the code is clean.
Clean, easy to navigate architecture.
  • A good, easy to navigate site architecture helps visitors find the information they are looking for quickly and with ease. This helps increase search ranking.
Repeat visitors to your website can help boost your ranking.
  • Visitors who had moved away from your website may wish to return again. Will it be easy for them to do so? The answer lies in using keywords that are memorable and easy to remember.
Errors adversely impact user experience and ranking.
  • Check your website regularly to screen errors such as links that are broken and lead nowhere or to the wrong place. Search engines consider such errors as a signal of neglected and poorly maintained websites.
  • Use outbound links to increase the usability of your website. But ensure that they lead to respected sites with relevant content. Avoid giving too many links as this can distract visitors or be too much for them to handle.
Mobile Optimization and Social Sharing
  • Ensure that your website is optimized for content on mobile devices. More and more people are using their mobile devices for information search every day. The same applies to social sharing. It is a good idea to provide social sharing buttons.
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