Types Of corporate Videos

Online marketing videos are not just used by big firms but often used by small business as well. Most of the business owners, whether small business or big, use it to promote their business. It became an important part of the professional corporate world. As you want to promote your business you should know about the different types of videos that are available to you, you should know fully well what are you dealing with and how to best utilize it in your interest. Many companies now include corporate videos on their website homepage. It helps consumers learn about your business quickly. Here are some different types of corporate video :video-1668906_960_720

Marketing Video
A marketing video is used to promote a product or service. Such videos can feature a need or problem that can be solved by the use of your product or service. These videos may also include testimonials from satisfied customers. Testimonials by real users also give a boost to your sales.

Broadcast Commercial
This type of video is the most expensive one on the list and need a professional production house and high budgets, but generate most return on investment if used properly. It should be telecasted on popular TV channels enough times. But one usually attempts TV commercials when he has a big budget for commercial video production and television advertising.

Online Commercial
AN online ad differs from a TV ad in the sense that it doesn’t have a time limit. TV commercials are usually limited to 30-60 sec time period, while online ads can be longer if needed. Online commercials don’t require that large budgets and simply focus on good storytelling which is an important key to marketing. Small and medium business owners prefer this while large companies go for everything they can including Youtube and TV commercials.

Promotional Video
Promotional videos are designed to showcase product and services except they are not designed just for the online purpose. They can also be shared on social media as well as promoted with DVDs. Promotional videos primarily focus on the promotion of brand or product through any means they can.

Tutorial Videos
If a product is complex in nature you can use a tutorial video to compliment its promotional video. Tutorial videos can also help you establish your expertise in the industry by teaching people how to use a certain complex product.

The Interviews
This type of videos is like presentations. They give people information directly from the source. Interviews can be a lot formal, personal as you are giving the audience an up-close view of what a person has to say. Here you are free to offer deep contents as you have no time limits.

Customer Testimonials
To offer product reviews by real time customers can be an easy way to gain trust and connect with the audience. Its also an important part of marketing these days as online shoppers want to know whether the product is worth buying. Having a testimonial video itself shows that you trust in your product and customers.

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