13 Useful Tips for Filming and Editing Corporate Videos

By now you must be fully aware of the need of marketing videos for your business. Almost every Brand and Huge Companies are using it. 78% of online users spend their time watching videos. This can give a boost to your business. Websites with videos on their homepage appear on top in Google search results. But creating a video requires much attention and skills if you want your video to be successful. Here are 13 useful tips for filming and editing Corporate Videos :

1. Shooting Script.
A storyboard is essential for creating successful videos. The best of videos are the result of well-thought scripts. It will help you know exactly what you need to shoot for your video. So before you start filming, take another look at your script.

2. Prepare Your Presenters.
Not all of us are actors in everyday life. You need to ready your presenters. Whether you are the face of your video or some other person, make them rehearse the script thoroughly. If it is an interview, prepare your subjects. they must have some freedom and should not look like they are reciting a memorized script.

3. Do Know about B-Roll Footage.
B-roll footage is a professional videography tool. It is a footage that is not primarily of your subject. If you need shots of your office or customers testimonial added to your video, shoot them before Editing or Production part. That way you can have the shots you need and will be saved by the labor of re-shooting. Focus on every area and don’t commit a beginner’s mistake even if you are one.


4. The Rule Of Thirds.
In the rule of thirds, a shot or image is divided into 9 grids by 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines, as shown in image :
In every image people’s attention generally, focus on the part of the image where these lines intersect. Try to keep your subject in that area to make it interesting to watch. People’s focus will automatically shift to your subject without even knowing it.

5. Lighting.
Different colors have different temperatures. Mixing two colors of temperatures having entirely different range can ruin your shot. Try to keep your lighting of the same color. If you are shooting an indoor shot, try avoiding daylight coming from windows.

6. White Balance.
The camera comes with auto white balance. Try not to use that and adjust white balance manually according to the lighting and shot requirement. Try to capture true colors of the image, especially in an outdoor shoot. Auto white balance is not something you can rely on if you want to make your video look perfect.

7. Avoid Spotlighting.
Try to avoid spotlighting your subject even if you have a professional light rig. Try to use reflectors to have an even effect on the shot. There are many different lighting techniques used to achieve different effects.

8. Check the Acoustics.
Check the acoustics of the location before you start filming. If there is an echo in the location try avoiding that. A lot of audio problems can be fixed in editing, but an echo is difficult to get rid of. A better way is to avoid unwanted noise and echoes. Try to use high-quality microphones for better sound quality.

9. Shoot Multiple Takes.
There may be situations when you might consider a shot OK but want to do it the other way later. Try to take multiple shots from different perspectives. it will save you the laborious work of shooting again if you find a shot unfit for the video.


10. Ready Up your Clips Before Assembling them.
Try to edit each shot individually instead of getting them assembled and then editing. Most editing software allows you to assemble and edit the shots but it is better to edit them before collecting them together and editing the whole video.

11. Always Cut on the Action.
Always cut the shot during the action, not after completion of it. Cutting the shot just before the action is completed looks real. Otherwise, your presenter will be shown doing some awkwardness after every scene. For example, if you cut the shot just before the dialogue is completed your presenter will not have to show that awkward silence.

12. Don’t Use Too Many Effects.
There are many transitions and effects that come with editing software. Try not to use too much of them as they make your video amateurish and make audience shift focus from your content.

13. Choose your Music Wisely.
Background music can make your video interesting when chosen right or can make your video a catastrophe when chosen wrong. Music conveys many emotions and you should choose it wisely and according to your need.

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