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The digital marketing is changing rapidly and steadily. Now it combines together several different techniques that help you to expand the presence of your brand and capture the pulse of the audience. Video Marketing Services is among the most recommended methods of audience engagement that business houses are looking forward to globally.
At TENxLIVE, We understand the potential of videos as an important and most powerful advertising medium, and so we offer to you a variety of Video promotion services that best suits your digital marketing needs.

Why Your Business Requires Online Video Marketing Services?

There are many reasons that make video marketing for business, the number one tool for business promotion and advertisement:
1. Preferred in search rankings more than any other advertisement medium
2. Easily grab attention of the audience
3. Help in improving branding and customer loyalty
4. Increase website’s conversion rates
5. It is cost effective than any other distributed media

Video Marketing Services Spetrum with Digital Content –

We will develop digital content for your videos using text, script, images and graphics. These videos are then posted to popular video channels such as YouTube. Using engaging and innovative videos we have helped our customers in sending a marketing message to their targeted audience effectively. TENxLIVE Network has a team of experienced marketing professionals who creates, plans and optimizes your brand marketing strategy accordingly to your targeted audience. The following are some of the video marketing strategies that we develop and distribute according to our clients’ discretion, as a package of Video Marketing Services:
  • Create Brochures
  • Product Launch
  • Creating Testimonial
  • Commercial Advertisements
  • Messaging create
  • User Guide Display
  • Training promotion Marketing

*Process Of Video Marketing Services

With our standard video marketing services, we plan, create, organize, optimize and distribute your business videos as per the need of your business. We guarantee that the videos will receive maximum attention and exposure among the targeted audience. TENxLIVE is an expert in the digital marketing industry and has already helped more than hundreds of business organisations.

* Custom Video Channel Creation:

To harness the immense potential of video streaming and sharing sites, our experts create client specific video channels to target a specific audience on leading video streaming platforms. Our experts consider every minute detail and other specifications to be included in the Video Marketing Services. Once we have the content we start creating specific videos for the audience.

* Video Optimization:

We create fully optimized videos for your business. We optimize every video considering all the elements in the mind used for optimization process during our video marketing services. Our experts use keyword rich tags, descriptions, titles and custom audio techniques to optimize the videos. It makes them reach higher rankings in search engine result page and maximum audience outreach.

* Video Syndication:

After optimization of video, we start syndicating in all video streaming sites especially on YouTube. Using our plan for video syndication we distribute these videos at all the podcast sites, social bookmarking sites, blogging portals and article sites. It helps to deliver your message to a huge number of people who could be your future customers.
About Us
TENxLIVE Network is a digital marketing company based in Noida, India.  We provide SEO services and Video Marketing Services from India to help you get more traffic on your Website and improve your ranking in search engines. The company has an established team of experienced people that specializes in services like WordPress template optimization,  Google analytic implementation, page speed optimization, keyword search and much more.
We will assign a specialized Video Marketing Services consultant to your campaign to takes care of all your campaign related issues and resolve them as soon as possible.
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