Video Marketing Basics : What video production pros need to know

Video production pros are becoming the best of online marketers. There are some key elements that all video production pros should know about. That gives them the advantage to stay competitive in client and job market. These video marketing tools for professionals can help you in reaching your audience. The key elements are : Delivery and Encoding, Content for the web, Presentation and Distribution and Engagement


1. Delivery and Encoding.
Encoding of a video is converting it from one format to other. This involves :
Collecting the original video from its source like a camcorder. If it’s in analog format, converting it to digital is called encoding. If it is in digital format, then digital to digital conversion is called transcoding. Examples of analog devices are tape based camcorder and that of digital are camcorder with SD or Flash card.
Understanding of proper file formats of video for online display.

There is a difference between traditional media channels and online media channels. It involves connection speed that audience need to retrieve your video, different video player dimensions, and preferred file types across some web sites. Production pros must definitely know the requirements of various media channels. There are many tools designed to encode video for various purposes.

2. Web Video Content.
Video Production Pros need to understand more than technical of video production. They also need to know an=bout different types of web video content. Areas that require attention involves how and where the video will be shown, a perfect marketing strategy and the length of different types of content. For example,customer testimonials are popular at present times but a 30 min video on that topic won’t be good.
Consideration for Video Content for The Web :
• If the video is for increasing sales or to sell your product, then it must be short, eye-catching and must make the customer feel that your product is the one they need.
• If it is a teaching video or tips for something then it must show your expertise and in such case, a longer video can be produced.
• If it is meant for entertainment, then it can include graphics, music, animation and other entertaining factors that help to serves the purpose of your video.

3. Presentation and Distribution.
Video Production Professionals should know the basic concepts of presenting video on the web. It must be done in a professional manner and no mistakes are allowed as there is too much of video content on the web and your video will immediately be skipped. You can check your video on less popular sites for mistakes or how it performs. If your first attempt fails on Youtube, it can be difficult to recover in a short time.

4. Engagement Standards.
Your video should be adaptable to industry standards or to the purpose it is made for. An engaging video survives in this market and performs far better than others. Following engagement standards can be considered in order to make your videos better :
• Avg. view time
• Popular content types
• Social networking results
• Click to action

How Video Professionals can Think like a Marketer.
• Understand the full web video process
• Follow news and trends for real-time response.
• Consider Financials beyond the production Budget
• Practice video marketing for your own business.

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