Video Marketing: Why Is It So Essential?

In any conversation, visual impact is far more important than the tone or words you use. Research reveals that words have a significance of 7%, while tone and voice creates 38% of the impact. But the top contributor (55%) in a conversation is body language – the visual aspect of communication.

What is marketing if not a conversation with your audience?

In order to get the most from your brand, video marketing is the key. Of many kinds of visual marketing – infographics, images, and motion graphics – video production plays a significant role. Today, the competition is so much competitive that if you want to survive in the market, you have to be ahead of your competitor, and in this Video marketing can be your key to success.

The importance of video marketing is rarely understood in the right perspective by businesses. Marketing gurus say that the chance that a potential customer will buy a product after watching a promotional video is 85%. This is clearly proof that video marketing is by far the most effective marketing medium across all platforms. People are also more likely to share engaging visual material through social networks; you get free exposure for your product. It is, of course, not easy to match the power of video with perfect execution. To take a video towards dozens or thousands of views has to be a combination of compelling storytelling, competent video production; right timing and effective distribution must work together.

At the same time, there is too much competition from a plethora of videos on channels like YouTube. Small and medium sized businesses often do not have the resources to come up with promotional videos like Dove’s newest viral video or Red Bull’s most watched ads. But that doesn’t mean that great videos cannot be created with a little out-of-the-box thinking.

The key to creating videos that stand out is to be unique while still being consistent with the brand identity. Some tips for reaching out to audiences with videos follow.

Tips for Top Video Marketing and Production:

  1. Create Compelling Content

Businesses should put themselves in the shoes of their niche target audience to imagine what they would like to see on video. Videos should add value, tell stories, and solve problems or all of these at the same time. ‘How To’ videos are popular because they help to solve problems. Videos that tell stories reach out emotionally to the audience. Creating compelling videos will help to create organic relationships with customer

  1. Master YouTube

YouTube has over 1 billion unique visitors accessing the website each month, creating a lot of potential for marketing. Since YouTube also belongs to Google, it is an added bonus for SEO, video marketing and indexing. It is also a fact that once a great video has been uploaded on YouTube, it can continue to draw viewers even years since initial upload.

  1. Optimize Content

It is important to have a great video title – it has the significance of a headline and should immediately draw viewers’ attention. Relevant keywords should be used in the title, the tags and the description to increase Google search rankings.

  1. Create A Call To Action

During the video editing stage, lower thirds should be used to create a strong call to action. The area should not overpower the content of the video, but it can include the website to be promoted as well as contact numbers. An end screen with a call to action can also be used effectively for the same purpose.

There are plenty of other ways to bring about the success of a video campaign. Social media today has given marketer’s ample opportunities to market their media through different channels. With greater engagement with the audience through comment boxes and campaigning spanning a large number of networks, it is possible to get the most of a brand’s visual

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

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