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The History of Googe PageRank
Google search results are based on PageRank and other hundreds of factors that help us to give us the effective and relevant search result.but have you thought about How does Google PageRank work?
Let’s Know more about Google Page Rank-

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What Is Google PageRank

PageRank was developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford.
PageRank is used to measure the importance of a web page in Google search engine. For PageRank, Links to the webpage are recommendations or votes from people. So Best web pages on the Internet are the pages with the most links linked to them. PageRank has no connection to the words on a webpage.
PageRank is the an algorithm by Google, which is used to improve web search results in Google Search.PageRank is the primary factor which determines your website ranking in search engine results.
PageRank is calculated By Google Search Engine based on many factors to show you search results such as how often the page is updated and if it is from a trustworthy domain. Other factors that might affect Search Engine Results include the website age, domain authority, domain name, keywords on the website etc.

How to Check See PageRank of a WebSite?
To Check the PageRank of your website, you can use the Google Toolbar.
Page Rank is measured between 0 to 10. 10 is highest PageRank. Website Should have high Page Rank to achieve high rankings in search engines.
How to Increase PageRank of a Website?
If you’d want to increase the PageRank of your website, you should generate backlinks on other websites linking to your website. You can also exchange relevant links with other people and don’t exchange links with “Spammy Websites” or “Link Farms”. You should register your website with high PageRank directories in your country. Remember that, Not all links are equal to get better PageRank. Links from a high PageRank Web page count more than links from low PageRank websites.
The effective way to increase PageRank is to create quality content that other people want to share it.

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