How to Win Elections using Political Campaign Management Services in India?

Blessings Of Social Media In The Field Of Political Campaign – Political Campaign Management Services in India

In this fast moving age when no one has time to stand and hear anything, then these social media play the leading role. In every walk of life now social media have become important in human life. It may be the advertisement of your household articles or the political campaign. Social media has now become a core element of modern political campaign. Elections are decided by little percentage of those populations that consists of undecided voters.

The effect of digital marketing in the field of Politics

In the last few elections it is proved that how this digital marketing, including social media, plays a very integral part on how public will select their elected officials. A result oriented digital marketing campaign during the election cycle period can give you greater visibility and a lower cost than any TV ad buys. Political campaigns have become more intentional about their money investments. Where and with whom they are investing money has become a big issue. Technology and digital advertisement have the power to drive these decisions largely because the social media and the internet have fundamentally changed about the campaigns plan and thereafter communicate with their constituents.

Unique Strategies of Political Parties To The National level – Political Campaign Management Services in India

You can raise individual or political party status from district level to national level within the party and in an open environment.

  • Develop the capability to influence the political environment nationally.
  • Create an influential political image in voters and to the mass people’s mind for long term results.
  • Let win the internal political competition within the party and outside party.

So whether you are running for a government post or you are a digital marketing professional who is in charge of your client’s political campaign, here are given fifteen digital marketing strategies to make your campaign more effective. Here are given 15 Digital Marketing Tips for an Effective Political Campagain.

  1. Understand your target audience.

Get factual data about your target audience online. Dig up verifiable insights like their estimated numbers, as the degree and cost of your campaign will depend on them. One way to estimate the number of your target audience is to use Facebook app. This tool will let you know the estimated number of your target audience based on target location, interest, ages, gender, and other demographics. If you are only campaigning for a local poll, you can say a local position of that place; your estimated target audience is around 66,000 people. You can set the age to only include people who are 18-65+ years old to filter out the ones who are not yet registered voters.

  1. 2. Know your competition.
    To win your competition, be knowledgeable about your opponents. Gather important data that you can use to be more competitive. These pieces of information may include their websites, social media pages, followers and supporters, political platforms, audience engagement, strategies and tactics used, and even the performance of their current digital campaigns.

There are many tools and platforms on the Internet that can be utilized to spy your competition. Even Google Web Search and Facebook Graph Search can be handy in searching important information about your competitors. Having a Facebook Page will also give you the ability to watch the Facebook Pages of your rivals.

For example, using one of your Facebook Pages, your friend can monitor the performance of the top five presidential candidates of that country.

  1. Build your digital marketing team.
    An effective digital marketing campaign cannot be accomplished by a person alone. For a successful campaign, consider forming a team which may include the following:

 Digital marketing strategist. The person will plan and create your digital marketing plan. A digital marketing strategist can also lead your digital marketing team.
 Writers.  Select someone who will write articles, news and stories from your campaign.
 Graphic designers and photographers. They can create and generate engaging images and infographics for your campaign.
– Other content creators. These include video producers and animators who can create useful videos and presentations for your campaign.
– Social media managers.  Select someone who will be in charge of your social media pages and social media marketing.
4. Create social media pages and channels.
Aside from creating personal social media accounts, the politician should also have social media pages. Hence, these must be created:

– Facebook Page. This will be used to reach your target audience on Facebook and run Facebook Ads.
– Twitter Account. This will be used to reach your target audience on Twitter and run Twitter Ads.
– YouTube Channel. This will be used to upload your potentially viral videos and reach target audience on YouTube.

  1. Build a complete website.
    To be loved more, the politician should be known more. Public service is about honesty and transparency. Since most people are already on the Internet, the politician should have an accessible website where people can read his biography, political platforms, and other important information that will convince audience to vote for him.
  2. Claim your digital brands.
    Prevent other people or groups from using fake websites and social media accounts out of your name. To do that, consider accomplishing the following steps immediately:

– Register your domain name before it is registered by other parties who might use it to build a fake website.

  1. Do professional blogging.
    High quality and engaging blog posts can bring tons of traffic to your website. It can also increase your search engine visibility, boost your social media presence, and reach your target audience. Politicians who personally write their blog posts can become closer to their audience since they can personally touch the lives of people.
  2. Do search engine optimization.
    The Google processes works over 40,000 search queries every second or 3.5 billion searches per day. Google and other search engines are the best places to research important information about a political candidate online.
  3.  Amplify your content marketing.
    Your online content like blog posts and other online campaign materials have to reach the optimum number of your target audience.
  4.  Utilize tools.
    Digital marketing in the political arena can be tough and competitive. Hence, you have to use tools to make your campaign easier, faster and more productive. Google alone provides a lot of digital marketing tools that you can use with a single account.
  5.  Join relevant social media groups.
    You can use Facebook Graph search to find groups and communities that are related to your target audience.
  6.  Get additional boost with Paid Ads.
    Paid advertising like Facebook Ads and Google Ad Words will further extend the reach of your digital marketing campaign. Organic online marketing is effective but by integrating it with paid advertising, it can be a lot more effective.
  7. Connect with bloggers and digital influencers.
    Influential bloggers and social media influencers may not be as famous and as expensive as famous celebrities in your country, but they also have the power to reach hundred thousand or even millions of people online. The articles and stories written and published by authority bloggers are usually what you can find on the search engine results pages when you search for something on Google. Social media influencers like people or brands that have popular Facebook Pages also have the power to influence their followers.
  8. Monitor your campaign.
    An effective digital marketing campaign is regularly monitored, analyzed and ensured that it is heading the right way. Using some of the tools I mentioned in Tip #10, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Page Insights, you can assess and evaluate the performance and progress of your digital marketing campaign. Regular reports must also be submitted, reviewed and analyzed to improve your campaign.
  9. Walk the talk.
    Any digital marketing campaign could be futile if it is not matched with what’s happening behind the Internet. Politics and public service are based on trust and the strong will to lead and help people. That is why the aspiring public servants must walk their talk

– Political Campaign Management Services in India

Thus Political consultants are in demand for campaigning and consulting to win the elections. Political Consulting includes advising the political candidates about their positioning vs the competitors, marketing ideology of the party and candidate, generating interest among the voters, conflict resolution etc. It is done by using various methods of traditional PR, modern political communication, digital marketing, campaign strategy.

Political parties are hiring PR firms, marketing firms, media consultants and political strategist, research analysts for political campaigns. A political consultant or political strategists work in various methods – directly present with his client, giving remote support using video calls, emails etc. or mix of both based on demand. A political consultant perform his work by means of research, analysis, and consultations. The works of a political consultant can be listed as follows –

Sentiment and Requirement Analysis:

  • To analyses the data available for opinion polls, media information, sociological studies, electoral facts and other relevant historical data to capture the sentiment of the potential voters.
  • To analyses needs, wishes and expectations of the public.
    to create the campaign design and promotion of his client.

Strength and Weakness Analysis (of candidate or party): To conduct study & research to find the strengths and weaknesses of the party or party’s other candidates.

Competitor Analysis: To find the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors by using all available data
to predict competitor’s future moves and strategies.

Design the Campaign Strategy:

  • To design the campaign strategy with immediate goals and objectives to targeted public segment.
  • To prepare marketing strategy, position, media plan, agenda and detailed time plan.

Empowering Candidate or party by creating the public image: To propose strategies, plans and ideas and executes the entire campaign process through posters, leaflets, TV shows, radio bites.

Crisis management – how to manage attacks- both personal and profession, reduce damage and channelize the rival’s aggression to prove his client’s supremacy

If you are looking to hire a political campaign manager and political marketing consultant to manage your online marketing, social media campaigns, I would be happy to work as Digital marketing Strategist and Advertising Consultant for your political party.

Please send your requirement using the below form, I would contact you.

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